5 DIY Archery Halloween Costumes 5 DIY Archery Halloween Costumes

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be challenging, especially if you wait until costume stores have nothing left except random clown wigs and two-thirds of an XS Little Bo Peep costume.

While we encourage creativity – even if it means hitting Halloween parties as a clown-Bo-Peep mash-up – why not dress as your favorite archer instead?

Here are five (non-Katniss) DIY archery Halloween costume ideas, most of which can be done on short notice:

1. Lara Croft

2. Legolas

DIY Legolas Costume Tutorial

3. Hawkeye

4. Princess Merida

5. Robin Hood

DIY Robin Hood Costume Tutorial

If you aren’t sure which archer is the best fit for your personality, take our Quiz: Which Hollywood Archer Are You?

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