Small Business Saturday:
5 Ways to Shop for Your
Favorite Archer Small Business Saturday: 5 Ways to Shop for Your Favorite Archer

The holiday season is here, and aspiring archers are wishing for gifts related to bows and arrows. If you’re new to archery, how do you shop for the archer in your life? With Small Business Saturday nearing, we’ve got you covered.

Equipment Basics

Budget: $15 to $20

Where to Buy: Your local archery store.

New archers need two important personal-safety items: an armguard and a finger tab. Armguards are a piece of plastic that protects the inside forearm from bowstring slaps. Finger tabs are a piece of leather that fits on the hand and goes between the bowstring and the archer’s fingers to draw the bow comfortably and protect the fingers upon release. Armguards and finger tabs are relatively inexpensive, and make shooting a bow even safer and more fun.

Photo credit: Frankie Waters Archery Progress

Photo credit: Frankie Waters Archery Progress

Archery Skills

Budget: $30 and up (varies)

Where to Buy: Archery instructors and coaches.

Millions of teens who see “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I” will want to learn Katniss Everdeen-like archery skills. A great way to encourage new archers is to purchase gift certificates for introductory lessons at a local archery store. This gift’s big advantage: You can assess the archer’s interest level before buying equipment.

Club or Program Membership

Budget: $75 and up (varies)

Where to Buy: Archery programs and clubs.

If your archer(s) have tried the sport and like it, buy them a club or program membership. Many archery stores and clubs offer class sessions year-round. Programs like Explore Archery and Junior Olympic Archery Development run in four-, eight- or 12-week sessions. They also allow archers to improve their skills, earn achievement awards, and consider low-key local tournaments.

Gifts for your favorite archer

Photo: University of Missouri Extension

Bow and Arrows

Budget: $200 and up

Where to Buy: Your local archery store.

There’s nothing like unwrapping your first archery kit! Many beginner bows are available, and many archery stores offer packages that include arrows, a recurve bow and the other basic accessories to start archery. A variety of bows are available in different price ranges. They range from wooden recurves to super-adjustable compound bows to colorful target recurve bows. Local archery stores are your best bet for a bow that fits your size and skill level.

Something to Shoot At

Budget: $50 and up

Where to Buy: Your local archery store.

A quality archery target is a must for shooting at home! You’ll find plenty of target options, including bag-style targets, foam target mats, and targets made of tightly woven grass. Tell the salesperson the type of bow your archer is using, because that can dictate the kind of target you buy. Many targets are rated by bow weight and type. For 3-D archers, you’ll want to study your options for three-dimensional foam animal targets.

The gift of archery is truly one that can last a lifetime, whether your favorite archer is eight years old or eighty. This sport can be enjoyed indoors or outside, year-round, and by everyone of all ability levels. Most importantly, shooting a bow and arrows builds self-confidence, offers a great upper body workout, and encourages focus, patience and self-discipline. Learn more about the benefits of archery.

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