10 Archery Apps for Archers
and Coaches 10 Archery Apps for Archers and Coaches

In Summer 2014, Apple released a powerful commercial titled “Strength.” Boasting over 1.4 million YouTube hits, the ad features athletes using mobile devices to improve their skills. A subliminal message hints at the devices’ strength and powers. Although Apple makes every activity look easy, customers often struggle to find the perfect app for every need. Never fear! We at Archery360 can help. Here are 10 archery apps that leverage the strength of your smartphones, tablets and inner archer.


ArcherZUpshot ArrowThis app specializes in archery scoring and self-analysis. It provides cluster analysis on shot groupings and arrow analysis on target plots. It also tracks before-and-after performance so archers can see the effects of changes in diet, equipment, competition location and competition stress. Lastly, ArcherZUpshot provides instant photo and results sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email. Price: free on iTunes or GooglePlay.


Rcherz Home

This app provides mobile and Internet-based score and tournament tracking. Google Maps helps archers navigate to nearby competitions. In addition, competition hosts can communicate target assignments with participants. Archers and hosts can track and share live results via mobile app and online, allowing them to compare results and improvement. See how it works here. Price: free on iTunes or Google Play.

World Archery

World Archery Home

This app lets users follow live video and score results during World Archery events and championships. In addition, it provides news from worldarchery.org, and more than 10,000 archer profiles. It also catalogs historical competition results. Price: free on iTunes or Google Play.


Ubersense Analysis

This app allows coaches and archers who self-coach to import videos from email, Dropbox or mobile camera roll for instant slow-motion video analysis. The advanced technology lets users zoom, pan, draw, highlight, measure and create voice-overs on videos. Multiple videos can be synchronized and compared either stacked or side by side. Videos can be organized by technique, athlete and frequently viewed favorites. Video sharing for group settings can be done via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, Airplay, and HDMI/VGA connectors. See how it works here. Price: free on iTunes or GooglePlay.

Coaches’ Eye

Coaches Eye ClipThis app allows coaches to use instant-replay tools for athlete performance evaluation in the field or on the go. Users can create and share coaching videos with a variety of illustrations. In-App purchases enhance premium tools, pro videos and more. See how it works here. Price: $4.99 on iTunesor Google Play.

KSL Pocket Coach

KSL Shot CycleThis app was developed with help from Coach Kisik Lee, coach to 18 Olympic gold-medal archers. It illustrates the 12 phases of the KSL Shot Cycle and provides coaching techniques from the bestselling “Total Archery” book. The app also includes guidelines for angular movement, breathing patterns, mental training and physical training. Price: $3.11 on iTunes or $2.99 on Google Play.


APPtitune Recurve Overview

This setup and tuning guide was created by Jake Kaminski, an Olympic silver medalist; Jesse Broadwater, a world-champion compound archer; and Greg Poole, a stabilization expert. It provides guidance for tuning and setup of recurve bows, compound target bows, and compound hunting bows. The app also provides information on limb and cam alignment, stabilizer and broadhead setup, group and torque tuning, bare-shaft tuning, walk-back tuning, paper tuning, yoke tuning, creep tuning, arrow setup, and third-axis leveling. Price: $14.99 on iTunesor Google Play.

Archery Tournament

Archery Tournament MultiPlayer

This interactive mobile game boasts photorealistic graphics and multiple locations for virtual competition. Sound and visual effects enhance the realistic feel. Users can play solo or in tournament mode against friends or computer-generated players. The tournament-editor mode lets players customize their virtual tournaments. Price: free on iTunes or Google Play.


iShoot Overview

This app uses the mobile device to collect and store scores from 3D archery tournaments. It includes custom score settings, target lookups and historic records. Price: $4.99 on iTunes or Google Play.

Archery Pal

ArcheryPal Arrow Speed

This app calculates arrow speed and kinetic energy. It also helps archers determine whether their arrows are balanced for optimum flight. Shooting sessions are logged graphically with touch placement of arrows, and accuracy percentages for each shot distance are calculated and graphed. GPS technology stores target and hunting locations for easy navigation. Price: $4.99 on iTunes.

Archery apps can help with a multitude of shooting-related questions and issues, from coaching to calculating sight marks – and from tracking performance to bow tuning. Whether you just want to relax with an archery game, or up your own shooting performance, these archery apps are a great place to start.

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