Video: How to Become an
Archery Superhero Video: How to Become an Archery Superhero

In this fun video, Untamed Science looks at the science of archery and explains what you need to become an archery superhero.

According to this video, you need:

A good outfit, including an armguard, finger tab/shooting glove, or a release aid and a quiver;

The right arrows, which can be made of wood, aluminum or carbon. Arrow points can be blunted for target shooting, or broadheads (used for hunting) can be fixed-blade or retractable blades that deploy on impact.

A good bow. Bows have been around for about 20,000 years. Compound bows were created in 1969, and are used for recreation, competition and bowhunting. They have cams and wheels that create let-off, which helps you hold the bow at full draw for a long time.

Three Main Bow Types are Available

Recurve Bows: Recurves are the only bows allowed in the Olympic Games, which is a target archery competition. Many archers also shoot recurve bows in field archery and 3-D archery, and when bowhunting with higher-poundage bows. With recurves, the weight increases steadily as you draw.

Compound Bows: Compounds are known for their widespread use in bowhunting, and in field and 3-D archery. Many archers also shoot compounds in target archery. Compounds create noticeable let-off at the end of the draw.

Traditional Bows: Archers shoot traditional bows in all major types of archery. You’ll see traditional bows in target archery, field archery and 3-D archery; and some use them at higher draw weights to bowhunt.

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