12 Fun Holiday Archery Targets 12 Fun Holiday Archery Targets

’Tis the season for holiday archery shoots, and in honor of the most wonderful time of the year, why not swap your regular ol’ target some fun, festive and maybe even messy archery targets?

Here are 12 fun holiday archery target ideas:

1. Peppermints

Celebrate the holidays and National Candy Cane Day (Dec. 26) by aiming your arrows at candy canes or peppermints.

Christmas archery target

Photo: ShowSomeScents

2. Fruitcake

The disreputable fruitcake is considered the most dense and least delicious holiday dessert, so instead of eating it or tossing it into the trash, why not use it for target practice? Keep it wrapped in plastic to keep it intact longer.

Christmas archery target

Photo: Flickr – Upstate Options Magazine

3. Rudolph

Instead of the bull’s-eye, shoot Rudolph’s nose.

Christmas archery target

Image: MyIndyParty

4. Gift Wrapping Bows

Stick small bows on the target face and shoot them instead of aiming at the bull’s-eye.

Christmas archery targets

Photo: 10Wallpaper

5. Plastic Ornaments

Here’s a good use for old or broken ornaments! Glass ornaments make for spectacularly shattering archery targets; just be sure to use with supervision (and be ready to sweep up).

Christmas archery targets

Photo: HelpforMyLife

6. Balloons

Inflate red, green and white balloons and tape them to the target. For messy fun outdoors, fill the balloons with paint or glitter.

Photo: USA Archery

Photo: USA Archery

7. Sno Balls

These tasty treats are festive on their own, but if you stack three white Sno Balls on a wooden dowel, you have a snowman that’s fun to shoot.

Christmas archery targets

Photo: Flickr – Captain Cupcake

8. Paper Plates

Paper plates can be holiday-fabulous however you like – and they offer several different tiny archery targets!

Christmas archery targets

Photo: Wallys Party Factory

9. Coloring Pages

Talk about a cheap and easy archery target! Buy an inexpensive holiday coloring book, tear out the pages, and stick them to your backboard or target face.

Image: Vice Vega

Image: Vice Vega

10. Marshmallows

Buy a bag of the holiday-themed marshmallows to shoot, or make snowmen out of these large campfire marshmallows. Who says marshmallows are only for s’mores?

Christmas archery targets

Photo: TonyaStaab

11. Plastic Cookie Cutters

These are lightweight, inexpensive, and available in fun shapes that make shooting archery far more festive than standard bull’s-eye targets.

Christmas archery targets

Photo: Public Domain

12. Advent Calendar

Take the idea of a DIY Advent calendar and, instead of the 25 days of Christmas, put points on the front.

Christmas archery targets

Photo: Creatively Southern

Turn any of these holiday archery ideas into fun holiday games for your archery club. Anyone who dresses in costume or wears this Holiday Archery Sweater gets bonus points!

archer christmas sweater


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