Holiday Shopping: 10 Excellent
Archery Gift Ideas Holiday Shopping: 10 Excellent Archery Gift Ideas

If you’re shopping for an archer this holiday season, we’ve got you covered with several archery gift ideas in many price ranges. Before buying anything, however, work with a knowledgeable archery retailer. That way you’ll get expert help to ensure you get the right equipment for your archer, even if you go shopping alone.

Gift Certificate

This is the obvious – and easiest – choice. This allows archers to choose what they need most. Gift certificates are available in many values, and can be used for everything from bows, arrows and accessories, to lessons, tune-ups and range time. Where to purchase: archery retailer


This isn’t as challenging as you might think. Archery coaches at the club or bow technicians at the pro shop usually know which arrow shafts to buy your archer. You can also buy the arrows uncut for the gift – and let your archer visit the store later to get them cut and fletched. Where to purchase: archery retailer



Every archer needs a target for practice. Different bows need different practice targets, so figure out whether your archer shoots a compound, recurve or crossbow before you go shopping. Where to purchase: archery retailer


Lessons are the archery gift ideas that keep on giving. Lessons help archers expand their love of the sport while sharpening their skills. Coaching can take the form of casual group lessons, or more individualized one-on-one instruction. Where to purchase: Certified Instructors and Coaches are located across the country.


Archers usually join national organizations based on the type of archery they enjoy. Where to purchase: Target archers can buy a membership in USA Archery, while field archers should check out the National Field Archery Association. Those shooting 3-D archery should try the Archery Shooters Association or the International Bowhunting Organization.

Compound or Recurve Bow

If you’re considering a bigger-ticket item, how about buying a bow? Family members often work together to buy a bow and accessories to ensure their archer is fully equipped from the start. Bows are available at many prices, ensuring good choices for just about everyone. Where to purchase: archery retailer

Bow Case


Archers who transport their bow to practice, tournaments and other places have many options in bow cases. Bonus: Cases keep the bow safe even at home. They’re available in hard (plastic) and soft (fabric) bodies, and in many shapes and sizes. Where to purchase: archery retailer

Arrow Tube and Quiver

As with bows, arrows also require safe storage and transportation. Arrow tubes are an inexpensive option, especially as a DIY gift; and quivers are available in many materials, colors and styles. Quivers also allow archers to personalize them to suit their archery styles. Where to purchase: archery retailer


Bow sights can open up a new world of aiming and accuracy. Compound- and recurve-bow archers use different sight styles, and can choose from many price points. You’ll find sights designed for specific archery styles, so whether your archer shoots bull’s-eye targets or white-tailed deer, great options are available. Where to purchase: archery retailer

Important Backups

Archers competing in tournaments often pack backup accessories they might break or lose, and these archery gift ideas are perfect for smaller gifts or stocking stuffers. Some key items to double-up on include finger tabs, arm guards, finger or wrist slings, bowstrings, arrow rests and (for recurve archers) cushion plungers. Where to purchase: archery retailer

Whether you can spend $15 or $500, you’ll find archery gifts that help someone enjoy this lifetime sport year-round. And whether indoors or outdoors – archery offers tons of benefits by increasing a shooter’s focus and self-confidence while delivering a great upper-body workout.

Want even more ideas? Check out our guide to shopping for your favorite archer.

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