Celebrity Roundup: 10 Men
Who Love Bows and Arrows Celebrity Roundup: 10 Men Who Love Bows and Arrows

Archery is booming as a competitive sport and pastime, and athletes and everyday people aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits; some of your favorite celebrities have been shooting bows and arrows recently. Thanks to social media, we offer this look at their bowhunting and target archery skills.

Norman Reedus


Reedus uses a crossbow to ward off zombies in “The Walking Dead.” His character, Daryl Dixon, has carried a Horton Scout HD 125 and a Stryker StrykeZone 380. Reedus said taking down a crowd of “walkers” with a crossbow is “taxing” and requires great strength. No wonder he was on the Dec. 2014 cover of Men’s Fitness. Fun fact: Reedus still owns those two crossbows. He takes home a crossbow after each season.


Hugh Jackman


From singing in “Les Miserables” to executing intense martial arts moves in the “X-Men” movies, Hugh Jackman is a jack of all trades. And he recently added a crossbow to his arsenal. Look out, Neverland! Blackbeard is ready to wage an archery battle in “Pan” during Summer 2015.

Chris Pratt


It’s no secret that “Parks and Rec” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt is a hunter. In fact, according to an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he likes to hunt squirrels and eat them every Thanksgiving. Perhaps he was preparing for his Thanksgiving feast when this picture of him drawing a bow surfaced in October. Or maybe he was practicing for his upcoming role in “Jurassic World.” We’ll have to wait until summer to find out!

Luke Bryan


Luke Bryan, CMA Entertainer of the Year, arrowed a monster buck in early November. His Buck Commander comrades took to social media to share the celebration. His trophy whitetail will look good on the wall beside his CMA, Billboard and American Country Countdown awards. 

Willie Robertson


The head Duck Commander recently appeared on an episode of A&E’s “Country Buck$.” Robertson shot a balloon at 60 yards with a Barnett Crossbow. Matt Busbice modified the bow to be quieter than 45 decibels when fired.

Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom is handy with a sword in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, and he recently took up the bow and arrow again to play Legolas in “The Hobbit.” Keep your eyes peeled throughout the official trailer for “The Battle of the Five Armies.” Bows and arrows abound in Middle-earth.

Christian Bale


Christian Bale traded in his batmobile and bat-armor for a bow and arrow to play Moses in “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” His on-screen antagonist, Ramses (played by Joel Edgerton), also sports a bow.

Brantley Gilbert

49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - ACM & Cabela's Great Outdoor Archery Event

This singer-songwriter shot two bucks in back-to-back hunts with “Backwoods Life” host Michael Lee. You can watch “Backwoods Life” on the Sportsman Channel and Wild TV. It sounds like Gilbert had quite the “Small Town Throwdown.”

Jason Aldean


When he’s not being named American Country Countdown’s Artist of the Year, Jason Aldean hunts with the cast of A&E’s “Country Buck$.” “The people are great, and the hunting is phenomenal,” said Aldean of the Busbice clan. Jason appeared on the Dec. 3 episode of “Country Buck$.”

Tyler Farr


Tyler Farr bowhunts when he’s not singing and plotting something “Redneck Crazy” with Willie Robertson. He shared a selfie from an evening hunt on his farm in October. In December, he tapped into the power of social media to tweet fans an opportunity to win one of his 3D targets. Give this guy a follow; there’s no telling what will happen when he attends the ATA Trade Show in early January.

Social media posts grow by the millions daily. Our favorite celebrities are bound to pop up in our timelines and excite us with their love for our favorite pastimes. Keep your eyes peeled. You never know who will shoot a bow next.

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