8 Viral Archery Videos We
Absolutely Love 8 Viral Archery Videos We Absolutely Love

Devices like GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks make it easy to take archery videos and photos. No wonder the YouTube community is growing so fast. Did you know that people upload over 100 hours of video to YouTube every minute, and YouTube viewers watch 6 billion hours of video each month? All that video also includes archery. These 8 videos deliver some of  YouTube’s best archery action.

Byron Ferguson’s Incredible Archery Shots, Opening a Coke Bottle: Outdoor Life


What goes well with an ice-cold Coca-Cola in a glass bottle? Archery, of course! This isn’t your typical snack break. Watch as longbow legend and trick-shot master Bryon Ferguson opens a Coke bottle with a well-placed arrow.


Geena Davis Archery Tricks: Funny or Die


Geena Davis wowed us with her softball skills in the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own.” Now this former Olympic hopeful is wowing us with her archery skills. Watch as she challenges fellow big-screen stars Merida and Katniss Everdeen.


Archery Trick Shots: Dude Perfect

6.65 million views

Boasting nearly 4 million YouTube subscribers, the Dude Perfect dudes are known for awesome trick shots, including archery. These guys arrow a target from the bed of a moving truck, and also through an angled PVC pipe. Call the doctor. You’ll need your jaw reattached after it hits the floor.


Archery Showdown: Brittani Louise Taylor


This video was in the Archery360 showdown alongside Dude Perfect. It features the vocal stylings of Miss Brittani Louise Taylor herself. As if Taylor’s on-point archery and vocal skills aren’t enough, the video also features an exhilarating breakdance. Top it off with some surprise humor at the end, and you launch a viral archery video.


Arcus: World Archery


This video illustrates archery’s artistry by linking it to passion, perseverance and integrity. It beautifully aligns archery’s power and precision with life’s challenges. Archery is an art form. That’s what makes it an ultimate sporting challenge.


Lila Stepanova, Season 1: America’s Got Talent



Gripping a pencil with your feet requires some skill. Shooting a bow and arrow requires great skill. Now try gripping a bow with your feet and shooting an arrow. The skill and talent requirements explode off the charts. Somehow this young contortionist makes it look easy. Prepare to be amazed!


ESPN Sport Science: Brady Ellison



Brady Ellison draws over 4 tons of weight during the course of an Olympic event. How can the top-ranked recurve archer endure such physical demands? ESPN breaks down the science behind his Olympic strength.


‘Hunger Games’ Movie: Khatuna Lorig Teaches Jennifer Lawrence Archery


Who taught Jennifer Lawrence to shoot a bow and arrow for her role as Katniss Everdeen? One of the best, of course! Watch and hear what 5 time Olympic archer Khatuna Lorig said about training JLaw for “The Hunger Games.”

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