Beyond Trick Shots: Lars Andersen
and High Speed Archery Beyond Trick Shots: Lars Andersen and High Speed Archery

You might remember Lars Andersen from our article about archery and motorcycle riding. Like, at the same time. Today, Lars Andersen released a new video of terrifying trick shots and high speed archery that absolutely blows our arrow-loving minds.

Andersen is one of the world’s fastest archers. An artist and writer who hails from Denmark, Andersen uses ancient techniques favored by Native American and Chinese archers, among others, to hit the improbable targets he’s shooting.

The likes of Legolas and Katniss Everdeen are no match for Andersen, whose personal record is three arrows shot in 1.52 seconds. He’s reportedly confident he needn’t compete any more because he knows he’s the fastest archer in the world. Indeed, a quick online search reveals photos of Andersen shooting – and hitting his target – even while jumping up and down.

Check out his new video, which reminds us of Dude Perfect’s awesome archery trick shots – just way, way faster.

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