Ten 3D Archery Targets You
Need to Shoot Ten 3D Archery Targets You Need to Shoot

3D archery gives you the chance to shoot a bow and arrows – while aiming at foam targets that look like all kinds of things, including animals, zombies, dinosaurs, and…well, even aliens. Here are ten of our favorite fun-to-shoot 3D archery targets.

Rinehart Anatomy Deer

Rinehart Anatomy Deer- Rinehart3d.com

Release a kill-shot every time. This 3D target stands 28 inches tall and shows the deer’s internal anatomy. After a little practice, you’ll hit the heart every time.

Delta McKenzie Standing Black Bear

DM Standing Black Bear- dmtargets.com

If bowhunters stumble upon a 3D target in the woods and scream because they think it’s real, do the trees laugh at them? I guess we’ll never know! Standing 43 inches tall, this bear is sure to scare.

Masterpiece Archery Targets Chippewa Sasquatch


Bigfoot made a big splash at the 2015 ATA Trade Show. One look into his fiery eyes will make you tremble in your boots. Read more about the artist’s in-person Sasquatch encounter here.

Rinehart Green Cobra

Rinehart Green Cobra- rinehart3d.com

Standing 3 feet tall, this cobra is a worthy opponent for Indiana Jones. Is it true that bowhunter and actor Chris Pratt is playing the lead role in Disney’s “Indiana Jones” reboot? We sure hope so!

Delta McKenzie Undead Fred Zombie Target

Undead Fred- dmtargets.com

Get ready to take out walkers with Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead.” Whether you’re shooting a crossbow or compound bow, this target prepares you for the zombie apocalypse.

Bearpaw Longlife Rat


This target stands only 5.5 inches tall and 14 inches long. Practicing with a target this small will improve your accuracy. You’ll be nailing bull’s-eyes before you know it.

Rinehart Carp

Carp- Rinehard3d.com

What’s better than a fish fry? A fish fry featuring your latest catch. Don’t just fish, BOW fish! You provide the fish. We’ll bring the hush puppies.

Morrell “The Crush” Field Point Target

TheCrush- Dickssportinggoods.com

This target is Tiffany Lakosky approved. Why do we love it? Part of the proceeds support the fight against breast cancer.

Morrell Baseball Field Point Target

Baseball- Morrelltargets.com

This target combines America’s favorite pastime with its fastest-growing sport: archery. Buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks. You’ll need to snack during your endless entertainment.

This guy. Enough said.

Do a little target practice in the backyard or organize a course through the woods. You’re ready to try 3D archery, and Archery360 is here to help.

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