10 Archery Wedding Ideas
We Love 10 Archery Wedding Ideas We Love

Whether you’re having an archery wedding, or just dreaming of having one someday, we’ve got you covered with 10 of our favorite ideas…and even more photos.

Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has gained 30 billion pins on 750 million boards maintained by 70 million users. One of the hottest topics? Weddings. Also gaining in popularity? Archery. If marrying the two are “pinteresting” to you, look no further.

Target Color Scheme

Go bold with hues of red, blue and yellow, just like an archery target. Incorporate the colors into your table decorations, bouquet and lighting.


Unity Symbol

Planning an outdoor wedding? Instead of lighting a unity candle, shoot an arrow into a heart-shaped target or through a decorative ring.

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Forgo the traditional ring-bearer pillow. Tie your rings to an arrow point, instead. Don’t forget the flower girl, either: a quiver of feathers or decorative paper arrows adds the perfect archery flair.

Arrow Ceiling

Who needs a balloon-filled ceiling when you have an arrow ceiling?

Arrow Kabobs

Serve your fruits, veggies and sweets on arrow-kabobs.

Seating Chart

Hang your seating chart from an arrow, or write each guest’s seat number on the fletching.

Archery Wedding Cake? YES.

Use a target design on the cake’s top tier. It’ll remind the couple of their love for archery and each other when they eat it on their one-year anniversary.

Opting for a plain cake? Adorn the top with a custom cake topper, or strategically place a decorative arrow through one of the tiers.

Other Sweets and Treats

Tie the look together with target cupcakes, cookies or petit fours as guest favors.

Garter Toss

Are your friends archery-savvy? See who can shoot the garter or the bouquet out of the air.

The Small Details

Use these printables to add flair to your glasses, party favors and place settings. The labels are great for mason-jar beverages served with brightly colored paper straws.

Looking for more wedding ideas? Check out these ideas from Archery360. Love your beau but not quite ready to do the altar walk? Host an archery-themed birthday party, instead.

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