Matt Damon Trains in Horseback
Archery for "The Great Wall" Matt Damon Trains in Horseback Archery for "The Great Wall"

Matt Damon, alias Jason Bourne, has myriad tricks up his sleeve. He can ride a motorcycle, he can shoot a gun. He can hotwire a car and drive it backward. But can he trade his motorcycle and gun for a horse and bow? Time will tell.

Damon is cast as a horseback archer (also called “mounted archer”) for the lead role in Legendary Pictures’ “The Great Wall.” The film, hitting theaters in November 2016, tells the 15th century story of the Great Wall of China’s construction.

According to Hungary Today, Damon visited the Hungarian capital in early January to practice mounted archery with world-record horse archer Lajos Kassai. Kassai shared a picture of the meeting on Facebook. Might we suggest a second mounted archery coach for Damon? We’d recommend real-life horseback archer Serena Lynn.

“I was invited to help Matt Damon to prepare (for) his new movie and to develop the action scenes,” Kassai said. “In the Hollywood production … the main character is a horseback archer. The common work has started; Matt is an entirely exceptional talent and learns surprisingly quickly.”

This project is the first film to launch under Legendary East Ltd., a standalone entertainment company in Hong Kong. Although filming is reported to be taking place in China, Warner Bros. Pictures is expected to handle the movie’s U.S. distribution. Damon is joined by director Zhang Yimou and possible cast-mates Pedro Pascal (“Game of Thrones”) and Zhang Ziyi (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”).

This isn’t the first Legendary film to feature archery. Both “300” and “300: Rise of an Empire” were archery-intense, and we hope Chris Pratt sports his bow in Summer 2015’s “Jurassic World.”


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