Archery Clothing: 9 Outfits
We Want to Wear Archery Clothing: 9 Outfits We Want to Wear

Is archery clothing a thing? Absolutely! As the sport grows in popularity, team uniforms are providing eye candy for masses of fans across the world.

The Olympic Games have inspired an array of fashion designers, including Lacoste, Levi Strauss, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. And archery itself has inspired Louis Vuitton‘s displays.

Whose designs will archers don at Rio 2016? The verdict is still out. In the meantime, give these fashion-forward archers a nod. Archery fashion icons, we salute you!

Croatia’s flag-inspired uniforms.

And these from Great Britain.


 Spain’s pants-and-shirt combo.

Spain 1


Korea’s matching hats.

Korea 1

Korea 2

The sleek lines on Japan’s uniforms.

And Turkey’s, too.

The bold colors and World Archery logo brightening Colombia’s team uniforms.

Team USA’s star-spangled “archery sleeves.”

And Korea’s Hyeonju Choi. Because you can still be fashion-forward with your game face on.


Check out these additional archery-inspired fashions.

Wondering what to wear to your next tournament? Here’s the tournament archery dress code.

Tune in to #Rio2016 to see what archery fashions hit the field next!

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