Slow Motion Archery Makes Bows
and Arrows Even Hotter Slow Motion Archery Makes Bows and Arrows Even Hotter

We all love a good slow motion archery video, but what really happens when you shoot an arrow?

Does the arrow actually flex side-to-side, or spin – or both? Do the best archers in the world “let go” of the bowstring, or release it as if their fingers are made of smoke? Are compound bows really faster than recurves?

All of the above, and more. World Archery, the international federation for this Olympic and Paralympic sport, has released a slow motion archery compilation, taken at the World Cup Final in Switzerland last fall, and the results are stunning. From Olympic medalist Brady Ellison’s super-strong release to Rio 2016 hopeful Marcus D’Almeida’s excellent follow through, this video showcases not only what the gear does, but how the archer creates precision and perfection in a single shot.

Watch below to see archery superstars from across the globe, shooting compound and recurve bows – without a single detail left to the imagination. Interested in seeing more slow motion archery? Check out Archery 360’s Facebook page, and stay tuned for a slow-motion video of archery explosions, expected to premiere soon.

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