The Science of Archery: Don't
Try This at Home The Science of Archery: Don't Try This at Home

We’ve all shot an arrow at a balloon, but have you wondered what would happen if the balloon were filled with hydrogen …? Funny you should ask, because this video explains the science of archery – as well as providing some good “don’t try this at home” archery lessons.

Although you should never point an arrow at a person (or stick a target on their back at an archery range), and it’s best to leave flaming arrows to properly equipped experts (like Antonio Rebollo, the archer who lit the 1992 Olympic Cauldron), it’s great to see the science of archery explained in this fun and informative video.

One interesting element of an arrow’s flight not covered in the video is the archer’s paradox. When the arrow is loosed, it first bends around the bow, and then continues this lateral flexing as it flies toward the target.

To see an arrow’s flight up close, check out Archery 360’s slow-motion videos featuring explosive archery.

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