Archery Fashion: 4 Hairstyles
to Rock at the Range Archery Fashion: 4 Hairstyles to Rock at the Range

By Katelyn Rutland and Carrie Juhasz

Mirror, mirror on the wall, show us the best archery hairstyles of them all!

Looking good in the woods or at the range is less about vanity and more about functionality. Nothing ruins great archery like a strand of hair catching your bowstring or dangling in your eyes when you aim. And let’s talk about frizz. A natural, windblown look is great for some people. (Cough cough, Kate Middleton.) But not for all. (We’re looking at you, Bridget Jones!)

Windblown Hair- Yes v. No

Carrie Juhasz is the owner and master stylist at Moxie Hair Studio in Putnam, Connecticut. Juhasz has over 10 years of styling experience, and has headlined multiple NYC Fashion Week shows. We’ve enlisted her expertise to show you styles and products that tame frizz and hold back your hair during long, humid tournament days; or while looking fierce in your #deerstandselfie.

These styles strike a great balance between style, function and stability. Hint: They look more intricate than they actually are. Try one of these four styles, and you’ll wow fans with more than just your bull’s-eye shots.

Mohawk French Braid Up-do

Mohawk French Briad Updo

This is the simplest of the four looks. The style features a French braid along the crown with the remaining hair pulled into two buns.  The exposed pins in geometric shapes are much en vogue, and the chevron arrangement suggests fletchings. The best part? You can add the chevron pin detail to any basic bun or ponytail. Voila! You’re archery-chic with minimal time and skills.

5-minute Layered Twist Around Hair Style

Topsy Turvy

If you can style a ponytail, you can style this topsy-turvy feaux braid in no time. First, make a half-up ponytail with the top layer of hair. Next, split the area above the elastic in two, and put the ponytail through the loop created. Then, add hair from the sides to the first ponytail, securing it with a second elastic. Repeat the looping process, adding another ponytail each time until you get the desired braid.

Braided Up-do

This Katniss-inspired look is great for short or long hair. Simply tie three ponytails, braid the ends, and wrap them into a neat, tidy bun.

Braided Ballerina Bun

Braided Ballerina Bun

This final look is the most challenging. It combines a ponytail and a French braid to create a bun with a beautiful, braided edge. If you lack bun-making skills, use a bun-maker to help. Although this style is more difficult, it boasts excellent holding power. Top off the look with hairspray, and it’ll stay in place all day.

Product Recommendations

The key to any great look is the right hair products. Juhasz, who is an educator for Keune, recommends their defrizz serum and two-phase spray to condition, tame frizz and add shine to hair. Their fibre wax or molding mud is excellent for taming fly-aways and keeping layered hair neatly tucked into a braid. As with any red-carpet look, don’t forget to seal it with hairspray!

Planning to try one of these archery-chic looks? Let us know, and show us your #archerystyle on social media!

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