It's a Woman's World: Female
Bowhunters on the Rise It's a Woman's World: Female Bowhunters on the Rise

On April 29, Eva Shockey appeared on Fox Business in a segment about bowhunting. Fox noted that the population of female bowhunters is steadily growing, and Eva Shockey is proudly at the helm. But they aren’t the only ones to notice the female demand for bowhunting.

Outdoor companies are eagerly catering to the female bowhunting audience. These days, you’ll find camo gear and hunting equipment designed specifically with the female “huntress” in mind, not only in color but also in fit.

“Some girls find that when there’s pink on something, it’s a little bit more palatable for women. And some girls are opposite, like you,” Shockey said to Fox reporter Sandra Smith. “And I’m kinda somewhere in the middle. I don’t necessarily need pink, but I want a color.”

For Shockey, maybe that color is the electric blue of the new BowTech Eva Shockey Signature Series.

photo credit: John Hafner Photography

photo credit: John Hafner Photography

Shockey noted that part of what makes bowhunting awesome is the opportunity to bond with family and unplug from technology, not to mention the ability to source your own food.

The farm-to-table and locavore movements have thrust people into the outdoors in search of locally sourced food. From growing their own fruits and vegetables to hunting their own meats, locavores value the old-school feel of “living off the land.” Even urban, suburban areas are catering to that desire. In fact, the USDA Economic Research Service reports that from 1994 to 2010, the number of US farmers’ markets rose from 1,755 to 6, 132. And more and more restaurants are including locally grown fruits and vegetables on their menus. Yeah, you can find organic foods at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, but what’s more organic than sourcing your own meat?

With the locavore and farm-to-table movement comes a focus on conservation. “(Hunters) are the biggest conservationists in the world,” Shockey said. “As hunters, we raise money, we buy tags and licenses, and all that money goes to wildlife management, habitat management and on top of that, it’s not only conservation, but it’s organic wild game.”

photo credit: Eva Shockey Facebook

photo credit: Eva Shockey Facebook

With the hunt for organic wild game comes an organic experience, an experience that’s unique to each bowhunter. Maybe it’s archery practice in the off-season. Maybe it’s about packing your gear, tracking the animal days before the hunt, the crunch of crisp leave beneath your feet, or climbing into your tree stand. Maybe it’s about the solitude of the outdoors or the adrenaline rush that comes with seeing an animal in your sights.

Bowhunting is an emotional experience, and that’s part of the draw. Male or female, trying archery or bowhunting for the first time takes courage. But with Eva Shockey at the helm, female bowhunters everywhere can proudly say, “I like camo, and I like the outdoors. Courage is already inside, and I’m going to bowhunt #likeagirl.”

Check out the full Eva Shockey interview below. Interested in trying bowhunting for the first time? Here are eight questions you probably have but are too afraid to ask.

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