10 Ways to Express Yourself With
Archery: World Cup Edition 10 Ways to Express Yourself With Archery: World Cup Edition

The May 9-10 weekend featured the first stage of the Archery World Cup, with the finals taking place along a riverfront that provided a beautiful backdrop for an awesome World Championships preview.

One great thing about archery tournaments is seeing how they unleash the competitors’ styles and personalities. From artwork to glittery finger tabs, and from manicures to quiver accessories, the self-expression bits seemed endless.

Check out these 10 ways some of the world’s best competitive archers expressed their personal styles. Leave comments and tell us how you express yourself with archery, whether it’s sharing your love of bows and arrows, or showing your personal style at archery practice!

1. Sara Lopez of Colombia color-coordinated her nails, bow and release aid.

Sara Lopez

We give her props for the cutest arrow earrings, too!

2. Olympic silver medalist Jake Kaminski cheers for the rest of Team USA in style.

Jake Kaminski

His, um, hairdo gave American archers a reason to smile.

3. This archer, whose name we don’t know, sported a rose-adorned quiver.

Rose Quiver

Because archery style is all about your accessories, too!

4. This stylish coach rocked a colorful hat AND a pen that says “WINNING.”

Stylish Coach

Is self-expression all about intimidating the competition?

5. Canada’s Jay Lyon shows that the lumbersexual trend has made it to archery.

Jay Lyon

OK, so his beard might be too neatly trimmed to qualify as lumbersexual … but we think it’s close.

6. These awesome archery figurines were on sale at the archery field.

Shanghai Figurines

Even the tchotchkes are archery-themed art!

7. This finger tab reminds Ariel Gibilaro to believe in her dreams.


The powerful word is a great reminder for this Team USA Olympic hopeful.

8. Check out the fabulous hats-and-sunglasses look by South Korea.


Because big checks and gold medals always look better with a cute hat.

9. This birthday cake was spotted on the field in Shanghai.


REAL fans know that archery-themed desserts taste better!

10. Crystal Gauvin rocks an All-American manicure.


Her red, white and blue nails match her bow and uniform perfectly!

Excited for more competitive archery and style-watching? The Road to Rio is heating up! The next stage of the Archery World Cup is next week, in Antalya, Turkey. Follow World Archery’s coverage, and get to know archery’s top celebs in advance of this summer’s World Archery Championships and Pan Am Games.

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