Archery Camp This Summer?
Yes, Please! Archery Camp This Summer? Yes, Please!

Imagine heading off to an archery camp this summer to work with knowledgeable coaches, and do nothing but learn about bows and arrows for three to four days.

Is archery summer camp actually a thing? Yes, and whether you’re a beginner, an archer with hopes of competing, or an adult just starting in the sport, there’s a camp for you.

USA Archery, the organization that trains and selects the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams, also focuses on youth archery programs nationwide. One of its new initiatives is a series of camps focused on archery.

From Brooklyn to Arizona, and from Oregon to West Palm Beach – and many locations in between – USA Archery camps offer fun training throughout summer.

Camp Photo PA

Archers at a USA Archery Camp in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Photo: Evan Scudner


Youth archers can choose from JOAD beginner and intermediate camps, while adult archers can also try an intermediate camp. JOAD – Junior Olympic Archery Development – is a nationwide youth archery program that USA Archery offers at clubs nationwide.

“At beginner camps, archers learn range safety and fundamental archery skills, and receive training from USA Archery’s certified coaches,” said Jon Taylor, USA Archery’s event-development manager.
But if you’re hoping to be the next Brady Ellison or Erika Jones, another camp will fuel your competitive dreams.

“If you’re an experienced archer who’s looking to prepare to compete and take your skills to the next level, our Intermediate Camp is perfect for you,” Taylor said. “You’ll receive coaching on the National Training System (NTS) shooting technique, learn the mental aspect of the sport, prepare goals, and receive individual instruction from elite coaching staff.”

Frankie Waters at a USA Archery Camp in Chula Vista, California. Photo: Emily Waters


Archers who attended previous camps had lots of good things to say. According to Emily Waters, it was all positive feedback from a mom’s perspective. “Frankie has attended two camps, first in Arizona, and the other in California. We were very pleased with how the Arizona camp was run. It was great how they had very structured small groups for classroom instruction and outdoor shooting practice.

“The other camp had its own benefits, too,” Emily continued. “Frankie and the other campers had the opportunity to tour the Olympic Training Center facilities, and work with top athletes throughout their learning and practice sessions. Frankie made great friends, and got helpful instruction during both camps. It was a great experience for her, and she loved it!”

The bottom line: If you eat, sleep and breathe archery, an archery-only camp is a great way to learn more about the sport. It lets you spend lots of time with your bow, and make new friends who love archery as much as you do! Interested? Find an archery camp now. Need archery gear for your camp experience? Click here to find an archery store near you.

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