10 Awesome Archery Gifts
for Grads 10 Awesome Archery Gifts for Grads

From kindergarten through high school, students spend about 31,320 hours in the classroom (roughly the same time spent eating in a lifetime). And just think: That number doesn’t include studying, doing homework, or taking college classes. It’s a number worth celebrating.

Graduating is a big accomplishment, and post-graduation is a good time to dive into hobbies and interests, including archery. Shower your grads with archery gifts they’ll love. From equipment to novelties, these items are right on target and sure to please your archer. Unsure of equipment specifics? Contact your local shop for advice.

Display Rack

Whether you make it or buy it, a display rack is beautiful, functional – and a great keepsake!

Photo Credit: Cabelo's

Photo Credit: Cabela’s

Bow Case

Protect your equipment with a case or backpack, and transport it easily to college for continued practice. Soft-shell, rolling or over-the-shoulder, there’s a bag for you.

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A sight – and accompanying scope (compound bows) or aperture (recurve bows) – is a must for archers shooting compound or Olympic recurve bows. Use a sight for improved accuracy, and to dial in long-distance shots.


Release Aid

Used to release the bowstring on a compound bow, release aids come in a wide variety of options. From release aids that are strapped onto the wrist, to handheld styles, there are options for every archer!

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Targets and Target Stands

Whether your game is 3D, field or target archery, a target is a must for getting consistent. Log backyard practice time with a fresh target.

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Arm Guards and Chest Protectors

Safety first! Unique chest chest protectors and arm guards make great gifts, protect the body from the bowstring, and help make shots more accurate. 


Photo Credit: Lancaster Archery

New Arrows

Whether your favorite archer is transitioning to outdoor shooting, or needs something different in their quiver, now’s the perfect time to offer them new gear. 


Fletching Jig and Supplies

A jig is the perfect gift for archers who want to fletch their own arrows. They’ll also need vanes or feathers, nocks and fletching glue, all of which you can find at your local archery store. Custom wraps add extra flair to competitors’ arrows.

Photo Credit: Cabela's

Photo Credit: Cabela’s


Custom Wraps: (Euro = 1.10 US Dollar)

Custom Wraps: (Euro = 1.10 US Dollar)

Arrow Accessories

Arrow accessories are definitely “en vogue.” From tie bars to jewelry, there’s something for everyone.

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Leather Goods

Leather goods make great gifts. Go practical – and old school traditional – with an arm guard and quiver, or novelty with an arrowhead belt.

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Archery Art

Dress up your grad’s dorm-room walls with archery art.

Photo Credit: WordAntique on Etsy

Photo Credit: WordAntique on Etsy

Toiletry Bags

Hit the community showers in style with an arrow toiletry bag.

Arrow Cosmetic Bag

Still not sure what to get? Start them out with their first bow, or opt for a gift certificate to your archer’s favorite shop or range. Better yet, give them archery lessons – the gift that keeps on giving.

Is your grad interested in collegiate archery? Here’s what you need to know. You’ll find options for every kind of archer. 

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