arcHER Covers 3D Archery #LikeAGirl,
and It's Perfect arcHER Covers 3D Archery #LikeAGirl, and It's Perfect

It could be said that arcHER, the online community started by 3D archery stars Cara Kelly and Kaitlyn Price, has broken the archery internet. This week, arcHER shared super high quality video coverage specifically of the female superstars of the sport, and the reaction was unanimous: LOVE.

Collaborating with Kelly and Price on video coverage from the recent Archery Shooters Association (ASA) Pro-Am in London, Kentucky: producers Chad and Bryce Harrelson, with  help from ASA President Mike Tyrell.

What’s so special about the videos? For starters, they’re female-centric. And that’s cool: women are a rapidly growing part of archery, and more young girls are trying the sport every day. Those young archers need superstars to follow, and role models to relate to – and arcHER helps to bridge that gap. To help fans learn more, arcHER incorporates stats for top female shooters, high-level narration to provide context, and camera angles that only a drone could capture.

That’s right, archery fans. DRONES.

“One of arcHER’s goals is to continue to bring an insight to the public of the events that we compete in as professionals,” Kelly explains. “The response from the ASA Kentucky videos has been incredible! We never imaged we would have over 3,500 views of a video, from a tournament, before the tournament was even over!

“We want arcHERs all over the world to be connected and inspired,” Kelly continued. “We, in turn, hope that it continues to grow the sport that we are all passionate about! Whether young, old, a youth or a professional, arcHER is for everyone.”

After the first day’s shooting was finished, it was time for arcHER to up the ante – and they did. This time, we saw footage of several top female pro archers – including 3D archery stars Emily Veyna, Sharon Carpenter, Ginger Morehead and Sherry Hott – as well as podium finishers Kailey Johnston, Christine Harrelson, and Kelly herself.

Quick stats for each archer, and a voiceover, helped fans to understand what they were seeing and why it mattered. And, of course, more drones.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Chad Harrelson commented. “I believe that the outpouring of support and interest in these videos shows that there is a real need for quality media coverage in archery!”

Price agreed, speaking to the general excitement about arcHER, which consistently provides female archery-focused content: “I am astonished that in this short amount of time, almost two months, we have been able to connect with so many eager arcHERs that just want to grow in the sport that we all love. We have not only had an incredible response from the United States, but it has been incredible to see countries overseas sharing our videos and using them in their archery training centers.”

Want to see more from arcHER? Check out their website and Facebook page, and keep an eye out for future posts about women in archery.


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