Avengers' Hawkeye Recast
as a Woman? Yes, Please. Avengers' Hawkeye Recast as a Woman? Yes, Please.

Not that we thought Jeremy Renner was a terrible archer or anything, but this version of Hawkeye has (fictionally, at least) been recast as a woman, and the results are kind of awesome.

Tumblr user disimilis re-cast the Avengers, swapping their genders in the process. Fear not, the changes aren’t permanent. Nick Fury wouldn’t allow it. Yet Marvel faithfuls have something to say about it, and so do we. After all, the re-cast features not one but two bow-and-arrow wielding heroes. And we love that media and pop culture showcase archery. (As if you needed another reason to try archery.)

Some fans are angry that the historically male characters are now females. And throngs of people are saying “Kristen Stewart is no Avenger!” But Jennifer Lawrence as Thor? There’s something we can get behind. She proved herself as an archer in “The Hunger Games.” If anyone’s worthy of wielding the hammer, it’s J-Law.

In this re-imagined cast, Shailene Woodley Tris left the Divergent faction to clutch Hawkeye’s bow and arrow. Amber Heard leads the virtual pack as Captain America (moment of silence for Chris Evans) while Kate Beckinsale delivers the witty banter typical of Tony Stark’s Iron Man. Mila Kunis packs a powerful punch as Bruce Banner.

Hawkeye Male to Female 800

Wait… if all the males are now female, and all the females are male, who took the place of Black Widow? None other than Chris Pine.

Chris Pine

This epic transformation raises some big questions. How did Katniss come to wield the hammer? Aren’t her archery skills better suited for Hawkeye? Does Theo James play Tris’s (Age of Ultron spoiler alert) secret husband? How is Tris with a bow and arrow? Do her skills hit the mark? Could Katniss Thor teach her the archery basics? And WHY is Kristen Stewart an Avenger? (We heard you the first thousand times.)

What do you think of the transformation? Would you see this re-imagined cast in theaters? Who would you pick as the archery marksman/woman? Would it be yourself? Sound off in the comments. Then prepare for Avengers battle with one of these outdoor archery games.

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