Archery Party: Cheer for Your
Favorite Team in Style! Archery Party: Cheer for Your Favorite Team in Style!

Archery is heating up, literally and figuratively. Summer offers a blazing backdrop for outdoor archery events, but solar heat can’t compare to the competitive fires of Rio 2016 qualifiers. As the competition intensifies for next year’s Olympics, we’re heating up the grill and throwing an archery-packed viewing party.

The upcoming World Cups and World Archery Championships set the stage for Team USA to show up and show out at Rio’s 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They’re like the NFL playoffs, March Madness, or the FIFA World Cup. If your favorite athletes perform well the next six to 12 months, they could find themselves at the ultimate championship: the Olympic Games.

Call your friends and neighbors. Get the backyard ready. The competition’s heating up, and the grill’s fired up and ready.

1. Choose Your Event

First, pick an archery event to watch with friends, and determine if it’s broadcast live. Click here for a calendar of World Archery tournaments. Then, head over to World Archery’s ArcheryTV.

Is your event in a different time zone? Not to worry! ArcheryTV video coverage is available long after the event concludes. Make a pact with your partygoers to avoid social-media spoilers, and watch the footage on delay the next day.

2. Set the Screen

Indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours. But most live events are streamed through a third-party video source, so you’ll need a little technology.

If you’re watching on a Smart TV with YouTube and Internet-streaming capabilities, skip to No. 3. If you have a PC, follow these steps to connect your laptop to your TV. If you have a Mac, follow these steps.

When taking your party outdoors, you’ll need a projector, laptop and screen. Inflatable movie screens are awesome additions to backyard parties. You can rent one here.

Inflatable Screen

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Or make your own sheet-screen by following this tutorial.

Sheet Screen

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3. Plan Your Menu

Let’s face it: Archery is awesome, but nothing brings people together like food. You’ll need entrees, sides, snacks and, most importantly, dessert. Vary your dishes between sweet, salty and spicy to appeal to even the pickiest eater.

Watching an international event? Theme your food around the host country. Or stick to tried-and-true tailgating recipes. Tip: Finger foods provide easy snacking and cleanup all night.


Everybody loves to “build your own,” especially with nachos.

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Or build your own pizza. Roll out crescent-roll dough, pinch together the seams so it forms one full sheet, and then cut it into circles using an archery target cookie cutter. Voila! Individual pizza crusts are great for a build-your-own pizza bar. Arrange the toppings bar into target colors. Red is for the sauce, pepperoni, ham and sausage. Yellow is for the cheese, banana peppers, onions and pineapple (we see you, Hawaiian pizza lovers). And blue is for the … The jury’s still out on that. But you get the gist.

Personal Pizza

Pigs-in-a-blanket are delicious and easy to make. Cut the hotdogs in half and let the kids do the rolling.

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Or fire up the grill or fire pit for hotdogs or arrow kabobs.

Sides and Snacks


We saved the best for last. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have seconds. And you’ll want seconds of these build-your-own fruit pizzas. Use a target-shaped cookie cutter and arrange your toppings by target-ring color, just like we did for the pizza.

Fruit Pizza

A build-your-own sundae or parfait bar is a definite crowd-pleaser. Pull together your favorite white, black, blue, red and yellow toppings, and see who wins the gold medal for the best creation. Fruit, candy, sauces or cookies; nothing is off limits for toppings.

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4. Decorate

Decorating is easy when you use what’s on hand.

Decorate the rest of your space with outdoor games.

5. Play Games

A viewing party is a great way to introduce others to archery. Use color bandanas to split your guests into teams, and host your own target-themed Olympics. The top scorer from the gold-medal team wins an archery prize. Here’s a game lineup that’s sure to please.

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Guess the Score: Participants guess the top archer’s overall score without going over.

Survey Says: Place targets in different areas of the venue. Partygoers stand at a certain spot and guess the distance to the target. No pace counting allowed!

Pin the Medal on the Athlete: Swap out the donkey poster and tail with a Brady Ellison poster and Olympic medal!

Archery Trivia: Read up on your favorite athletes and play the ultimate round of archery trivia.

Backyard Archery: Finish the night with a tournament-style shoot-off. Use real targets or rent the ultimate blow-up archery game.

Blow-up Archery

Not enough room to safely shoot? Build your own piñata, fill it with candy, and shoot away.

Archery Pinata

At the end of the party, you’ll have a full belly, a new World Cup champion, and your own backyard Olympics medalist.

Looking for another reason to host an archery party? Check out these 11 awesome ideas or try some of these outdoor archery games.


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