Get Inspired: Why We Love
11 Year Old Archer Addy Get Inspired: Why We Love 11 Year Old Archer Addy

We are totally fangirling over 11-year-old Addison “Archer Addy” Nachtrieb. She’s a rising middle-school archer from Seattle, with only three years of compound archery practice and two years in tournaments. Even so, she’s dominating her competition.

In her first year of competitive shooting, Addy took first place in the Washington State Target Archery Championships, where she broke the 2001 record. She also competed against the fourth and fifth nationally ranked field archers to take fourth place in her first Field Nationals.

Since entering competition in 2013, Addy has set or broken seven state and two national records; earned 19 first-place finishes, including three top scores among all age groups (watch out, adults!); and been named National Champion at the 2014 and 2015 National Field Archery Association 3-D National Championship in Redding, California.

Her charisma, top-notch scores and dedication to growing archery make her easy to adore. Here are 10 reasons to be the ultimate “Archer Addy” fangirl. Or guy.

1. She’s goal-oriented.

Addy Goal-oriented

In early May, Addy posted to social media, saying: “Driving 500 miles to the Oregon Super Shoot to compete for the first-place belt buckle. Ready for more Unmarked 3-D!! I really want it.”

And what did she do? She got it! That and $139.

2. She understands the importance of being prepared.

Addy Prepared

Before participating in the Oregon shoot, Addy shot at the Washington State Unmarked Championships. Despite beating the previous state record by 61 points, Addy noted an opportunity to improve her equipment.

I forgot to change out the hoop on my scope before the tournament,” she said. “I shot the whole thing with a black hoop. I couldn’t see it on a bunch of targets.”

She made the adjustment for Oregon, and swapped her black hoop for one in neon yellow.

3. She’s always ready for a photo opp.

Addy on 3D Target 800

After setting a national record and being named the Marked 3-D National Champion for the second straight year, Addy and her friend Emma hopped on top of the 3-D elk for a photo opp.

4. She’s well-rounded.

Addy Well-rounded

Aside from being an archery queen, she’s your normal, Mary Poppins-playing, unicycle-riding kid.

5. She’s kind-hearted.

Addy Kind

After making a pro-staff team, Addy took to Facebook to congratulate her fellow archers, including Olympic medalist Brady Ellison.

6. Even her shadow is archery-awesome.

Addy Shadow

This picture was taken on the way to the U.S. Nationals in Salt Lake City. “I shot really good and felt good, too,” Addy posted on Facebook. “I’m so happy I get to go to this shoot and shoot on this huge salt flat!”

7. She knows academics come first.

Addy Studies

Even national champions must study. Addy recently graduated from fifth grade, and is heading to middle school.

8. She’s creative with her target placement.

Addy Target on House

Addy creatively places her targets to ensure she arrows them from every angle. We think her mom deserves a fangirl award for letting Addy place her target in front of the house.

9. Did we mention she rides a unicycle?

Addy Unicycle

10. She’s dedicated to inspiring others to “try something new.”

Archer Addy- Photo NFAA

With help from her parents, Addy is publishing a book series called “Archer Addy.”

West Seattle Blog writes:

The real-life adventures of the Archer Addy book series follow Addison (Archer Addy), a 9-year-old girl determined to enter a man’s sport and become a World Champion target archer in the midst of balancing homework, friends, her sister, and parents. Written on the positive themes of dreams, determination and self-reliance, Archer Addy, in her own voice, brings the 8-12 year-old reader into her experiences and inspires them to think differently, try new things, and never give up.”

11. She’s motivational, in life and in archery.

Watch the video above, and then follow Archer Addy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more archery inspiration.

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