Serina Norte: 10 Lessons From
an Incredible Teen Archer Serina Norte: 10 Lessons From an Incredible Teen Archer

Serina Norte, 13, is a target archer from Manchester, Iowa. Although she received a bow for her ninth birthday, it didn’t compel her to shoot competitively.

“I started shooting (my new bow) and I wasn’t that interested in it,” Serina told The Gazette.

But when a bow-wielding “Hunger Games” heroine hit theaters in November 2012, Serina got inspired. She wanted to be like Katniss Everdeen, so she turned to her coach at Plum Creek Archery for guidance.

About a year later, Serina simultaneously broke the state record and won her age group at the Iowa State Archery Association (ISAA) Outdoor Target Competition.

Later that year, she earned top finishes at the Iowa Games, the Vegas Shoot 450 round, and the NFAA State Outdoor Field Championships. She finished 2013 as the ISAA All Around Champion.

The momentum from her first year of competition catapulted her into 2014. She earned two first-place finishes, including a qualifying spot at the International Bowhunting Organization’s World Championships; and three second-place finishes, including a bronze medal at the Easton JOAD Nationals.

2015 has been busy for the promising teen, and we’re proud to be part of the Target: Serina fan base.

Here are 10 reasons to love Serina Norte.

1. She focuses on the next shot.


Bad shots do not get her down. She focuses on the next arrow and the next opportunity to excel.

2. She shares the archery love with her sister.

Sister3. She works hard.

Blank Baling

Serina sharpens her shooting for tournaments by using several techniques, including “blank baling,” which focuses shooters on proper technique by removing the distraction of aiming.

4. She gives back.

Give Back

In April, Serina and her sister shot at a tournament benefiting a fellow JOAD archer named Carson. Tournament donations helped cover the cost of Carson’s intensive-care hospital stay.

By taking point-based donation pledges, Serina contributed over $275 to the $3,940 total.

5. She wins with style.

Backwards Hat

Serina won the Iowa Field Championship in July. She celebrated by rocking a backward hat from her sponsor, Bear Archery.

6. She knows a good thing when she sees it.

Truck Wrap

We agree with Serina on this one. The fish wrap is cool, but an archery wrap would be better.

7. She has many interests.


Serina isn’t just a target archer. She’s also a bowhunter. She knows the draw is just as important as the shot, and she waits for the perfect opportunity to make her move.

She also likes dance, softball, volleyball, basketball and swimming.

8. Her mom is pretty cool, too.

Archery Cake

Any mom who can make an archery cake like this is a winner in our book.

9. She gives credit where credit is due.

Iowa Games

Serina is a tough competitor, but she never misses an opportunity to congratulate opponents on a job well done.

10. She has BIG tournament dreams.

Serina shot in the 2014 International Bowhunting Organization World Championship, and she’s working hard to qualify again.

Eager to see what’s next for Serina Norte? Cheer her along to her championship dreams by following her on Facebook.

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