Archery Trick Shots: 5 Crazy
Videos You Need to Watch Archery Trick Shots: 5 Crazy Videos You Need to Watch

We all love archery trick shots. They take a precision sport that’s already fun, and shoot it to the next level using crazy stunts that help people see archery in a whole new way. From Danish superstar Lars Andersen to Texas-based Dude Perfect, experts worldwide are doing bow-and-arrow trick shots by balancing safety (it comes first!) with crazy archery tricks. Here are five of our favorites:

Flaming Arrows…With the Dudes

The guys at Dude Perfect have made many great shots, but this one is truly epic, opening with a sweet flaming-arrow shot. Check out the video that made the shooting world fall in love with Dude Perfect’s crazy archery trick shots!

Better Than Robin Hood?

Smarter Every Day visits Byron Ferguson, who shoots a traditional recurve bow with incredible precision, hitting everything from wooden discs to baby aspirins – all in slow motion. Boom!

Angry Birds and Exploding Targets

You’ll never see an Angry Bird the same way again. From flaming arrows to targets on fire, this video featuring James Madison University archers is the bomb (literally)! Just don’t try it at home. We used pyrotechnics pros to keep this incredible video safe for the archers.

Dude Perfect Steps it Up

This video was part of the Archery Showdown last fall, featuring Dude Perfect and YouTube superstar Brittani Louise Taylor. From shooting targets hundreds of yards away to the super-precise “Egg Scrambler,” the Dudes have more fun with bows and arrows than even we thought was possible.

THE Lars Andersen

“A new level of archery” has received over 32 million views on YouTube, and was covered by news sites worldwide, including ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Andersen shoots with multiple arrows, while hanging upside down, and while riding the back of a motorcycle. Unreal.

Some archery trick shots are totally safe, while others shouldn’t be tried by amateurs. If you want to try a bow and arrow of your own, check out our store locator and get started!


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