Learn Archery: Making the
Most of Preparation Learn Archery: Making the Most of Preparation

When you learn archery, one the most important takeaways is that the basics are the same, whether you’re just starting out or competing at a high level. World Archery recently gathered four of the world’s best shooters for a quick video poll about preparing to play the archery game. The similarities between the basics for beginners and high-level preparation for World Cup competition may surprise you.

For example, Olympic medalist Brady Ellison talks about making a checklist before he hits the archery field. This great advice translates to beginners (did you bring your arrows? Quiver? Finger tab? Bottle of water?) as well as top-shooting pros (got your waterproof shoes? Rain gear? Spare finger tab?). And Jayanta Talukdar, Olympian from India, shares that he plays games to get ready for competition – advice all of us can benefit from.

Joined by Jean-Charles Valladont and Elena Richter, Brady and Jayanta teach us that for all archers, thoughtful preparation matters. And all of these superstars are proof that the sport of archery brings us the same sense of joy, fun and excitement, whether we’re shooting our arrows in India, France, Germany, the United States – or anywhere in between. Check out the video below, and learn archery from the very best.



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