Right on Target: Archery
Ads Worth Seeing Right on Target: Archery Ads Worth Seeing

Archery. The word entices you to stare down a target, nock your arrow and let it fly. But does it make you want to try a new deodorant? Depending on what you’re drawing and how hard you’re working, it just might.

Archery is prominent in advertising. Commercials, print ads, window displays – we see archery everywhere. The sport also boasts great growth, so it makes sense that even deodorant companies use archery to promote their products. It’s a win-win because archery and the advertisers get exposure. And if the ads are effective, everyone gets new customers.

From food and drink to fashion and fragrance, these archery advertisements make you say, “Let me try it!”


Being a camp counselor is tough work. Especially when it involves bows and arrows. This Secret deodorant commercial advertises a product that helps archers “outlast” their long day at the range.


And if your deodorant doesn’t last, top it with this Versace cologne, appropriately pronounced “arrows.”

TAG Heuer

Heuer Archery Ad

A shoot-off generates enough pressure without the added stress of running late. Make sure your timepiece keeps up under pressure while you outshoot your competition.


Photo Credit: Ebay

Photo Credit: Ebay

Larry Hughes, the 1941 American National archery champion, recommends something with “that smoother taste.” We recommend a refreshing glass of water.


A 2-year phone plan you can’t get out of? Not fun. Archery with a longbow? Loads of fun! The Nottinghamians in this 2010 T-Mobile commercial show us how it’s done.


Photo Credit: Ebay

Photo Credit: Ebay

This 1950s Barbasol ad promises a close shave. Shave off inches from the bull’s-eye by keeping your eye on the target.


Glamour Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and her bow are glamorous in this April 2012 issue of Glamour magazine.


Bowhunter and outdoorswoman Eva Shockey makes a cameo in this truck commercial. Whether you’re surfing, hiking, snowboarding, dancing, horseback riding or shooting archery, you have courage inside, and a Dodge Ram can take you there.


Levi's Archery

Levi’s are on target and in style in this 1966 ad.


NK Archery

This Swedish retailer channeled archery and the Olympic Games in this 2012 ad campaign.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Arrow Display

Louis Vuitton drew a crowd with this arrow display. And so did its counterparts at Anthropologie and J. Crew.

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