Went to Camp. Fell in Love
With Archery. Now What? Went to Camp. Fell in Love With Archery. Now What?

This summer dubbed you the “What did you do this summer?” champ. Your archery camp story trumps even the best jokes, and all your friends envy your arrow-nocking, bull’s-eye hitting re-enactments.

Whether you attended outdoors, all-sports or archery-only camp, we’ve got the ABCs to further improve your skills, maintain your newfound archery love, and turn your friends green with envy.

A: Archery Programs Near You

Many schools and communities offer archery as an extracurricular activity. Read about the programs below, then find the one closest to you.


About: NASP, the National Archery in the Schools Program, teaches target archery in conjunction with fourth- through 12th grade physical-education classes. The best part? NASP provides all the archery equipment you need. Move over, recess! Archery is the new favorite class of the day.

Locate: Find out if your school offers NASP.

Explore Archery

About: Explore Archery aims to grow archery by working with schools, community organizations, and parks and recreation departments to introduce beginners to the sport. The curriculum gives a creative, innovative “first glance” at archery safety, equipment basics, and shooting technique. Shooting paint-filled balloons? Yes, please!

Locator: Find a program near you.

There’s art in archery.

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About: JOAD, Junior Olympic Archery Development, provides opportunities for compound and recurve archers ages 8 to 20 to compete regionally, nationally and worldwide. JOAD fosters continual improvement through its achievement program. The program awards archers with a series of pins as they improve and achieve their goals. Read more about the achievement program here.

Locator: Find a JOAD program near you.

Olympic Archery in Schools

About: Olympic Archery in Schools is an archery league for middle- and high-schoolers. The program introduces students to Olympic-style recurve archery. Students at participating schools form a team and compete against other nearby teams.

Locator: Find a league near you.

Scholastic 3-D Archery

About: This program introduces youths to 3-D archery as an after-school activity. Foam, friends and fun? Count us in! Read about 11-year-old 3-D archer Addison “Archer Addy” Nachtrieb here.

Locator: Learn more about Scholastic 3-D Archery here.

Collegiate Archery Programs

About: Many colleges have already-established archery clubs. If not, you can work with your student government association to create a club. Alternatively, check out collegiate programs by USA Archery and US Collegiate Archery.

B: Bow and Equipment

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Buying your own archery equipment can be a daunting, expensive task. Thankfully, many programs provide all the equipment needed to get started. Some shops even let you rent equipment.

If you want to purchase your own equipment, consider a grow-with-you model that features adjustable draw lengths and weights. Also consider these 10 budget-friendly bows under $200.

C: Classes

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

The above-mentioned programs provide exceptional introductions to archery, and opportunities to compete with other archers. But nothing pays off like consistent practice with a certified instructor. Click here to find instructor-led classes near you.

You had the “best summer ever,” and now you’re set for the “best year ever” in archery. Check out our how-to section for more tips on getting started in archery.

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