Lauren Conrad Goes from "The
Hills" to the Field With Archery-Focused
Fashion Lauren Conrad Goes from "The Hills" to the Field With Archery-Focused Fashion

Trends come and go, but archery is here to stay. The sport has been a staple of the Olympic Games since 1900, and top designers like Levi’s, Versace and Louis Vuitton have leveraged archery’s popularity in advertising for decades, especially this one.

Millennial designer, lifestyle blogger and reality star Lauren Conrad made the trek from “Laguna Beach” to “The Hills” to New York Fashion Week. And she took archery with her. Conrad recently debuted a fashion line for Kohl’s, and her ad campaign features the whimsy of handmade bows and arrows.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

The Daily Mail asserts that Conrad might have been inspired by husband William Tell, whose name matches that of the Swiss folk hero and crossbow archer.

“The aesthetic follows the easy, whimsical style of my Kohl’s brand,” Conrad said of the new fashion line. “But we’ve elevated this collection through amazing fabrications, vintage-inspired pieces and intricate detailing.”

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Conrad’s collection made a splash at New York Fashion Week, and her vintage, nature-inspired collection has us dreaming up our own archery-infused looks.

We’ve got archery hairstyles.

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Archery Manicures.

Archery Manicures

And, of course, our favorite archery jewelry pieces.

Archery Jewelry

Now all we need is a homemade bow.


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