VIDEO: How to Grip Your
Compound Bow VIDEO: How to Grip Your Compound Bow

When learning to shoot a compound bow, you definitely need to hold the bow consistently. You might ask, “Why does it matter how I hold it, as long as I release the arrow correctly?” Actually, it matters a lot. It’s a crucial part of your archery technique, because it’s one of only two places where you make physical contact with your bow.

In the photo and video below, you’ll notice an area on the bow’s midsection (riser) called the grip. The act of placing your hand onto the bow is called setting your grip, or “gripping” the bow. This is true for both the compound bow and the recurve bow. Because your grip position helps to align your upper body behind the bow, it’s vital to be consistent when gripping your bow.

Compound bow grip

The middle part of the bow’s midsection, wrapped in red grip tape in this photo, is called the bow grip. Some archers use grip tape, as in this photo, to ensure their hand doesn’t move when holding the bow. Photo credit: ArcheryTalk

World Archery’s recent video with Team USA star Lexi Keller explains the technique. What happens if you don’t perfect your grip on the bow? Changing your hand placement repeatedly causes wide arrow groups in your target. Too much pressure on the grip’s left side can send arrows to the right. In worst-case scenarios, it can also make the bowstring slap your clothing or inner arm.

So, if you’re excited about archery and want picture-perfect arrow groups in the bull’s-eye, check out the video below for a tried-and-true grip technique that will perfect your compound bow shooting. And if you’re ready to find a compound bow of your own, get started here.



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