5 Bow And Arrow Music
Videos We Love 5 Bow And Arrow Music Videos We Love

Bust out your air guitar and dashboard drums. These songs have bow-and-arrow references, and you’re the headlining star on our make-believe tour.

Music can be as effective as medicine, which makes it a great companion on those long practice days. It affects the way you think, both about yourself and others. It provides clarity, silences background noise and, if you’re listening to an upbeat song, evokes excitement and determination. Especially when it includes subtle references to bows and arrows.

We’re pumped to see bows and arrows on our favorite TV shows, but hearing the words come across our streaming platforms and through our earbuds or headphones sends us soaring to new levels of excitement.

Prepare your air band and give a drumroll to these bow-and-arrow songs.

“Stompa” by Serena Ryder

This music video is archery-packed. And the beat makes it a great choice to pump you up right before a tournament. Feeling nervous? Just “clappa your hands, stompa your feet” and arrow your target.

“Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves

Life is filled with choices that lead to many end-points. Sometimes your friends agree with your choices. Sometimes they don’t. This song is all about drowning out others’ opinions and following your arrow in life.

For example, some people bowhunt, some shoot compound archery and some shoot recurve archery. Some compete while others shoot just for fun. People are different. Follow your arrow and do what makes you happy in archery and life.

“Bow and Arrow” by Reuben and the Dark

This song channels Mumford and Sons with its moody, folksy vibe. It compares the listener to a bow and arrow, saying “you’re a bow and arrow, a broken guitar.” But wait. What does that mean? Who knows! But that’s the point. This deep, moody tune makes you think. See the bow. Be the bow. Release the arrow.

“Broken Arrows” by Avicii (ft. Zac Brown Band)

Avicii teamed up with Zac Brown Band for this ultimate “jump around” song. This dynamic duo is right: Sometimes life feels like you’re shooting “broken arrows in the dark.” In other words, life is hard! But, hey. It’s not too late. Avicii and Zac Brown Band see the “hope in your heart.”

“Arrows” by Fences (ft. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)

NSFW: Video includes graphic language and imagery.

Much like Musgraves’ hit, this tune is about living your own life and escaping the pressure of the outside world. Think “people throw rocks at things that shine,” except use arrows instead of rocks. And can we also take a minute to appreciate the hipster, lumbersexual vibes? Kudos to the costume department.

Music can transport you to new places, mentally and emotionally. Archery can, too. Visit your local archery shop to get started today.

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