Shop Small This Saturday:
5 Reasons We Know You
Want To! Shop Small This Saturday: 5 Reasons We Know You Want To!

The mother of all shopping events is upon us and every shopaholic in America is eyeing this weekend like a lathered horse eyes the barn. Of course, if you don’t like trekking across busy parking lots or standing in lines or, well, maybe you just don’t like people, then Black Friday isn’t for you.

But here’s the glorious thing: there’s more to this weekend than Black Friday. This weekend is, in fact, a shopping trifecta. Sandwiched in between Friday’s mob-like masses and the solitude-craving tribes of Cyber Monday is Saturday’s celebration of the small shop “down the street.”

We already know you’re into archery. But, if you’re also into shade-tree parking lots, local vibes or family-owned Americana, November 28 is your day. So shop small! Here are five reasons we know you want to:

1. You want to be happy!


Independent stores and local archery shops are known for great service and personality. Plus, it’s fun. For instance, Bloomberg Business cites studies showing shoppers at local produce markets have more conversations than those who shop at larger supermarkets: “Besides being less lonely, it’s surely more relaxing when your kid is munching on a carrot proffered by the farmer instead of screaming for Starbursts at the superstore checkout.”

Many shops are family-owned and operated. And the “operated” part means family members are actually the ones behind the counter. Yay! That’s a difference-maker. These merchants tend to treat their customers like guests coming by for a cookout or backyard archery shoot.

2. You want a FREE T-Shirt from Archery 360!

No. 2

If you show up at your locally-owned, independent archery shop this Saturday, November 28, snap a selfie and post to social.

Step 1: Snap a selfie in front of the archery shop you visit on Small Business Saturday.

Step 2: Post it to Facebook.

Step 3: Tag the store’s location and Archery 360.

3. Local archery shops are easy to find!


Not sure if there’s an archery shop in your neighborhood? We’ve got you covered! Search 360’s Archery Shop Locator and find out.

Of course, there’s always a Google search too. But the nice thing about 360’s locator is the search results highlight the “extras.” So if you’re looking for a shop that has an indoor shooting range or maybe you want to rent equipment to try archery for the first time, those features are indicated in the search results along with the basics like a shop’s location and contact information.

4. You’re a millennial.


If you’re a millennial, you’re probably already a fan of the mom-and-pop shop. Your generation has given new life to independent book stores, the classic record shop and many other niche stores and products.

The FedEx small business blog suggests, among millennials, “small and authentic rules the day.” And according to a study by Randall Research, your generation doesn’t trust big business as they once did and desires to know more about where products and services come from.

Some archery professionals believe this craving for unique and authentic experiences is what’s led so many young people to archery in the first place.

5. Mom-And-Pop: It’s more than a store.


There’s a lot more going on in many archery shops than one might suspect. Certainly the surge in archery participation over the last four years has contributed to this.

Today, shops are throwing archery-themed birthday parties, hosting youth tournaments and even holiday shoots (think busting pumpkins on Halloween). The independent retailer is a store, yes, but these stores can be small communities of likeminded people too, complete with relationships and friendships, birthday parties, tournaments and range time.

Bonus Fact: Here’s a myth buster for you cravers of authenticity.

Small, independent retailers can be found in any region of the country, in urban centers and small-town America’s Main Streets. In fact, it’s the urban mom-and-pops that are enjoying the biggest revival according to CNBC’s “4 Myths About Small-Business America.”

So, if you’re big city, you can still have a small time.

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