Katniss Barbie: Fierce With
a Bow and Arrows Katniss Barbie: Fierce With a Bow and Arrows

In their recent ad campaign, Barbie challenged us to “imagine the possibilities.” With a Barbie and a little imagination, you can be anything, no matter your age, size or gender. And with a bow and arrow, you can be Katniss.

“Mockingjay: Part 2” just hit theaters, and thanks to Barbie, you can channel Katniss’ heroic archery shots long before the movie comes out on DVD.

“Katniss is outfitted in a detailed costume inspired by the film,” Mattel said. “Her futuristic, all-black outfit features molded shoulder and chest armor with wings on the back, knee guards, and combat boots with shin guards. She’s armed with a bow and quiver of arrows, and wears the iconic Mockingjay pin.”

But what’s Katniss without her fellow star-squad teammate Gale? The Barbie version of Gale has his own crossbow. His sharp jawline, piercing blue eyes and perfectly coifed hair pose a striking resemblance to Liam Hemsworth himself.

Photo Credit: Mattel

These aren’t the first Hunger Games figures to grace the Barbie collection. Designer Bill Greening re-created Katniss in Barbie form prior to the 2012 “Hunger Games” release.

“Lionsgate sent the actual costumes Katniss wore in the Games to use for reference in designing the doll,” Greening said in an interview with Mattel.

Does this mean he got to shoot the iconic Hoyt buffalo?

Since then, Greening has designed a new Katniss for each new “Hunger Games” installment.

“It really makes you feel connected to the excitement of the Hunger Games and know you played a part in creating something so closely linked to the movie,” Greening said. “I hope fans of the books and movie really appreciate the detail that went into the Katniss doll, and that she becomes their favorite Hunger Games collectible.”

Of course, the team isn’t complete without Peeta, Finnick and Effie. Check out the full “Hunger Games” Barbie collection here.

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If you’re ready to make the Katniss action life-sized, try barebow archery.


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