Archery Games for your Smartphone Archery Games for your Smartphone

Dozens of archery games are available for your smartphone, but how do you know which ones are awesome, and which ones aren’t worth dumping Candy Crush for? We’ve compiled a guide to some of the more interesting games to help you enjoy archery between trips to your local archery store.

Of course, tapping at a phone screen is nothing like shooting a real bow, so app developers must come up with interesting ways to let you draw and aim at virtual targets. Some developers have done it better than others. Let’s see what’s available:

Core Archery

Type: Target archery game

Available for Android and iOS

Cost: Free (ad sponsored)

This is a pretty simple game with a unique method of drawing the bow. You must draw a perfect circle on the screen to get the power and accuracy to hit the target. You work your way through nine levels. It’s not too complicated, but there’s lots of satisfaction in getting it right and getting better at it. You can watch a trailer here.

Athletics: Summer Sports 2

athletics summer

Type: Multi-sports game with archery

Available for Android and iOS

Cost: Free version with ads, $1.99 for the full version.

This is a “Summer Olympics” app with an archery component, with impressive full 3-D graphics. The gameplay involves holding and tilting your phone to aim, and then hitting a button to execute the shot. You “fly” with the arrow into the target. You can play against other people, too, and the full version includes archery as part of a few “pentathlon” style multi-sport events (which I now think I’d like to see in the real Olympics!). It’s good fun if you like a few other running and jumping sports, too.

AE Archer

ae archer

Type: Target archery game

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Cost: Free (ad supported)

This popular target game requires a steady hand on the screen to tame a wandering sight, and you must read the wind just right. The wind-speed indicator could be a little bigger and clearer, and the graphics might not please everyone’s taste, but the gameplay is fun and they thought about the sounds. You can watch a trailer here.

Archery Master: Challenges

archery master challenges(1)

Type: Target archery in exotic locations

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Cost: Free (ad supported)

This 3-D simulator has some good graphics and atmosphere. Your sight doesn’t wander, but the wind and gravity do. You must also carefully watch which way the leaves or snow are blowing if you want to put the arrow in the middle. It starts easy and quickly gets tricky. It’s good for quick, casual games.

Temple Run: Brave

temple run brave

Type: ‘Endless runner’ action game (with some archery).

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Cost: $1.99 (plus in-app purchases)

This is one of the bigger-budget games on our list, and stars Merida – everyone’s favorite Disney princess – running, jumping, sliding and shooting her way out of peril. You can watch some of the gameplay here. It’s based on a popular game called Temple Run, but with archery. Targets appear for you to shoot at, and collect coins. This one is for Brave fans and anyone who likes fast action as much as they like shooting arrows.

The Legend of Holy Archer

legend of holy archer

Type: Action/fantasy

Available for Android and iOS

Cost: $1.99 (plus in-app purchases)

“You can control holy arrows through the sky with just your finger!” This is a Skyrim-style actioner from a Japanese studio, where you shoot to defeat some serious monsters. It has interesting concepts and great graphics, but it has a steep learning curve for the controls and it’s fairly complicated. It’s for the slightly more serious gamer, maybe. Have a look here.

Archer World Cup 3

archer world cup 3

Type: Target archery game

Available for Android, iOS

Cost: Free (ad-supported)

Now in its third version, this is one of the best “pure” target archery simulators. You must be able to read the wind and feel which way your bow is going to keep the bonus arrows coming. This one has some seriously addictive gameplay. They’ve really thought about the learning curve and how to keep you hooked on what is a relatively simple game. Even better, you can play against other people from around the world and see how you match up. Recommended. Watch the gameplay here.

Arrow Ambush

arrow ambush

Type: Strategy game

Available for Android and iOS

Cost: Free, in-app purchases available

This isn’t an “archery game” as such, but it’s too good not to include! You must fire arrows at a rotating target, making sure not to hit ones you’ve already landed. It’s fiendishly simple and just as addictive, and you need expert timing. Great for the casual gamer, and worth paying for the upgrade (the ads can be irritating).

Archer Champion

archer champion

Type: Target archery

Available for Android and iOS

Cost: Free (ad-supported)

Another target simulator, this one stands out from the pack with high-quality graphics and scenery, and a satisfying game engine rewards a bit of practice. Later on you can unlock moving targets, 3-D hunting levels, and all sorts of goodies and power-ups. Compound bows are even available! Nice sounds, too. Great effort. Watch the trailer here.

Do you have favorite archery games you can play on a smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!

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