Santa Gets an Archery Workout Santa Gets an Archery Workout

If you’re going to deliver billions of gifts in one night, you’d better be in shape. Watch Santa get ready with this archery-themed workout.


exercise ballIt’s Crunch Time
Posture is key when it comes to archery, so make sure to really tighten that core.


Touching toes 2Touch Your Toes
Close enough, big guy.

squats with bow
Feel the Burn
This may not be the type of bow he’s used to seeing around the holidays, but that doesn’t take away from his impeccable form.


fake bow shoot
(Keep Practicing, Santa)
Before you get the real thing, make sure you’ve got the form down.


spinning bow
That’s one way to work on your hand-eye coordination?


nock arrow
You’re Almost There
Grab your equipment and start nocking!


kick dance
Just Kick It
At this point, you should be starting to feel loose and limber. Look at that height!


Drumming with arrows
Drumroll, Please
Don’t be afraid to have some fun. Nicely done, Santa!


Giddy up!
Now you’re ready for your big day!


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