Can You Really Make Your
Own Bow? Yes! Can You Really Make Your Own Bow? Yes!

Congratulations! You aced your final tests and made it to winter break. No more avoiding homework. Now you’re avoiding two dreaded words: “I’m bored.” Every kid knows that “I’m bored” ends with a chore list longer than Santa’s nice list. Thankfully, archery keeps us occupied and spares us to-do list doom.

Shoot targets outside, head to a nearby indoor range, or make your own bow and arrows. The possibilities are extensive. And we have five DIY bows to get you started.

The PVC Bow

Craft this bow out of string and PVC pipe. Then, fashion erasers to the ends of dowel rods to make soft-tipped arrows. Or you can make your own foam-tipped arrows like the ones used in Archery Tag.

The Popsicle Stick Bow

Follow snack time with craft time and put those sticky popsicle sticks to good use. Or purchase fresh popsicle sticks from a nearby craft store.

The Office-Supply Crossbow

Repurpose your pens and pencils by turning them into a crossbow.

The Clothes-Hanger Bow

Who knew something so small could be so powerful? If you’re looking for a safer arrow, make the eraser-tipped dowel rods referenced in “The PVC Bow” above.

The Balloon Bow

In this particular case, clowning around with a bow and arrow is recommended.

Posted by Archery 360 on Monday, June 8, 2015


This bow is all fun and games. Set up an outdoor balloon course, or enjoy indoor balloon-archery tag. But no running in the house!

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