Which Good Luck Charms Help
With Archery? Which Good Luck Charms Help With Archery?

Many top archers carry around little somethings as good luck charms or tchotchkes; something furry or decorative, or maybe just a reminder of home. Most archers also sport an achievement badge or two, sometimes known as “quiver bling.” The pics here are just some of the little guys that athletes brought to major tournaments around the world in recent years.

We spotted this new, top-secret damping system for compound bows in Antalya last year.

A trio of furry friends hung on this archer’s quiver at UK’s indoor nationals.

The Minions appear everywhere. This one was converted into a release-aid pouch. We spotted it on the line at the Shanghai World Cup this year.

Could this be any more Japanese? We spotted Ren Hayakawa’s fully decorated Angel quiver on the line at Antalya last year.

This Paddington Bear appeared at the UK nationals.

Also at the UK nationals: Lucy Holderness’s awesome hair decorations.

You could also take the cartoon/anime route, of course.

Indian superstar Deepika Kumari carries this little guy with her to every tournament, just to hang around on her bow stand.

The chest guard is another good place for decorations, like this smart brooch worn by Japan’s Manami Sawaide.

Former world champion Lee Seungyun sported some cool silver arrows and a set of badges. At least one of them is his own name!

Photo Credit: Bogensport

Ki Bo Bae, everyone’s favorite champion, wore this little lamb on her chest guard for a couple of years. Wonder why we don’t see him anymore?

Photo Credit: Bogensport

Spotted in Turkey again: This well-known amulet is called a nazar, and is said to protect against the evil eye.

Photo Credit: Bogensport)

Photo Credit: Bogensport)

Of course, a decoration can be as simple as a matching ribbon bow.

Or it can remind us that some people might be a long way from home and family.

So: what’s on your quiver? Let us know!

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