Bake, Shoot, Score: Archery
Target Cupcakes, Step by
Step! Bake, Shoot, Score: Archery Target Cupcakes, Step by Step!

Sweet treats are even sweeter when they include archery, and these archery cupcakes surely hit the mark! Check out that target on the inside. What’s not to love? Bake them for a party or an after-practice snack. Go ahead. You earned it!

A Pinterest-y project like this is a little daunting. We’ve all had our fair share of Pinterest project fails. But not this time! We tested our favorite archery baking recipe, and can assure you these archery cupcakes are good enough to shoot, eat and repeat.

Start by gathering your ingredients. We went semi-homemade with colored cupcake mix, one for each inner ring of a target: yellow, red and blue. Then we used chocolate for the outside ring.

Shout-out to our fellow chocoholics!

Alternatively, color a traditional cake mix or made-from-scratch batter with gel food colorings.

Start with the batter. Prepare according to the package’s instructions. We’re coming for you, bull’s-eyes!

“Kerplunk” go the eggs!

Baker’s tip: Crack each egg into a small bowl before adding it to the batter. That way you can inspect for shells!

Cowabunga! Next comes water and vegetable oil.

Paging T. Swift! “Mix it up! Mix it up! ’Cause the baker’s gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake…”

The temptation is real! Set batter aside and avoid urge to dig in with spoon.

On to the next color!

And the next.

We saved the best for last. Chocolate! (Lick lips in anticipation.)

Here comes the hard part! Transfer each batter into separate bags. Use cake-decorating bags like these.

Or Ziploc bags like these.

Cut a very small hole in the tip of the bag. Place the bag zipper-side down when not in use. Otherwise, you’ll be licking batter off the counter. But we won’t judge! 😉

Baker’s tip: Squeeze out any extra air before cutting tip. This gives you better control of the batter.

Baker’s tip: Squeeze out any extra air before cutting tip. This gives you better control of the batter.

Oven at 350 F? Check! Colorful liners in cupcake tins? Check!

Time to make our targets! Start with the middle.

Work your way out. Yeah, it’s pretty messy. Trust us! It’ll look great when it’s done baking!

Repeat layer by layer until each cupcake tin is 2/3 full.

Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 to 18 minutes.

Test the middle. Look at that toothpick. So fresh, so clean!

Resist the urge to eat cupcakes while they cool.

Here comes the icing! We used Rainbow Chip as the base. Everybody knows it’s the best!

Baker’s tip: Dip your spatula in a cup of warm water before icing each cupcake. This helps spread the icing evenly.

Targets on top!

Ta-da! We told you it would work!

Time to dig in! But first, put your shooting to the test! Can you arrow the bull’s-eye?

Shoot. Eat. Repeat.

Eating archery cupcakes is pretty cool, but shooting archery targets is awesome! Join the fun with one of these archery games, and connect with your local archery store to learn archery today. How else are you gonna shoot the middle of those yummy cupcakes?

Credits: Photos, cupcakes and video by baker (and writer) extraordinaire Katelyn Rutland, who adapted this recipe for archery.


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