Stutzman Gives BuzzFeed Unforgettable
Archery Lesson Stutzman Gives BuzzFeed Unforgettable Archery Lesson

“You can literally overcome and accomplish anything,” says Matt Stutzman. He should know: Matt – the self-titled “Armless Archer” who learned archery when he started bowhunting to feed his family – was born without arms, a disability that would be incredibly hard to overcome for many.

Thanks to his parents, however, Stutzman learned to do everything for himself, developing incredible dexterity in other parts of his body, specifically his feet.

Every daily task from driving to eating to writing is done using his feet, and Stutzman isn’t shy about showing off his skills to reporters, including BuzzFeed staff, who visited with Matt recently.

BuzzFeed got to check out the compound bow Matt used to shoot his recent world record, and hear about his dreams of adding another Paralympic medal to his collection. The best part? A coloring lesson like you’ve never had before. Check it out:

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