From NFL to MLB, Everyone's
Doing Air Archery From NFL to MLB, Everyone's Doing Air Archery

#AirArchery is a thing, and we’re totally on board! And so are professional athletes. From the pitcher’s mound to the end zone, the pros have nocked “air-rows” to celebrate jobs well done. Can you blame them?

Archery is awesome! It’s about achieving goals. You focused on your target – the mitt, goal post, basketball net, or top test score – and you nailed it. You arrowed the bull’s-eye! Whatever the scenario, reach into your imaginary quiver, grab an “air-row,” and let it fly!

Archery Hits the NFL

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry returned to the NFL in 2015 after battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma the season before. In a key game against the Pittsburg Steelers, Berry took a diving leap to snag his first interception since beating cancer. What better way to celebrate than by hoisting the ball into the air, and drawing an imaginary bow and arrow?!

Bowhunting Hits the Major Leagues

Any guesses??? #wearedumb #ata #peerpressure

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Former MLB stars Chipper Jones, Jeff Danker and Matt Duff star in “Major League Bowhunter” on the Sportsman Channel. Together, they encourage archers and bowhunters to “never stop learning.” It looks like they learned #airarchery at the recent ATA Trade Show.

Bull’s-Eye of the Tiger

The Clemson Tigers took the fight to Alabama’s Crimson Tide in this year’s National Championship game. With the Tigers down in the first quarter, Deshaun Watson connected with wide receiver Hunter Renfrow for a 31-yard touchdown pass and a tie game. Watson celebrated the way any Heisman candidate should. With #airarchery!

He’s Got Game

Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Hunter Strickland is pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. The right-handed hurler is also a bowhunter, and says bowhunting improves his game.

“Bowhunting helps with baseball for sure because I’m a pitcher, and I think my direction from the pitcher’s mound to the plate relates to bowhunting,” Strickland said in an interview with the Archery Trade Association. “You have to be in a straight line to shoot a bow and pitching is the same way.”

Catch Strickland in #airarchery action when the Giants take the field in early March.

A Dab of Football, A Dab of Archery

Photo Credit: Photo

Photo Credit: Photo

Yes, yes, we know. It’s called the “Dab.” But a slight change in technique, and the Carolina Panthers would be shooting #airarchery!

It’s Going Down

What do you get when you cross a dunk booth with a world champion and a World Cup gold medalist? The ultimate archery shoot-off! Compound USA archers Braden Gellenthien and Steve Anderson battled it out in a dunk booth at the 2016 ATA Trade Show. But first, they practiced with #airarchery!

Going to the Chapel, Gonna Shoot #AirArchery

Who said #airarchery was reserved for the pros?

Whatever you’re celebrating – a test grade, a birthday, awesome concert tickets or a wink from your latest crush – celebrate with #airarchery! And while you celebrate, focus on these five things. Then head to your local archery shop to shoot a real bow and arrow!


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