Archery + Spring Break =
Awesome! Archery + Spring Break = Awesome!

You powered through your midterm tests and papers, and so it’s time to reward yourself with an archery-packed spring break. Go ahead! Grab your bow and arrow, add it to your story, and loop it on repeat! Whether you’re taking vacay selfies on the beach, by the lake, in the mountains, or in your backyard, a bow in hand ensures more retweets, double-taps, snapchats and – you guessed it – “reactions.”

Archery Tag

Archery Tag has over 490 locations in 42 countries, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to challenge your friends to a laser-tag-like battle no matter where spring break takes you.


Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Casting a line is even better when it’s attached to an arrow! Hit the nearest shoreline in your swimsuit and Chacos! Or, hop atop a paddleboard, kayak or boat! You can bowfish almost anywhere. Plus, bowfishing is action-packed! Curious? Read more about bowfishing here.

Destination Getaways

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Whether you’re hiking in the Rockies, sunbathing in the Caribbean, or goofing around with Mickey and the Disney gang, your vacation destination just might offer archery. Check out these vacation spots, then talk to your hotel concierge about similar archery opportunities!

3-D Shoots

Archery Trade Association Shoot

3-D archery takes spring break to the next level, combinding archery with hiking on a roving woodland course. Who knows…you might come face to face with a velociraptor! Find a 3-D archery course near you!

Spring Break Specials…and Shopping?

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Some archery stores, like this one in Brooklyn, New York, offer spring break specials and extended hours. Visit a nearby shop to take an introductory lesson, rent a bow and arrows, and maybe get outfitted with your first bow!

Finally, don’t forget the backyard adventures! Sometimes, the best fun happens closest to home. Invite your friends over and enjoy some of these backyard archery games!


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