Our Favorite Commercials
– And What They Mean
For Archery Our Favorite Commercials – And What They Mean For Archery

More beginners than ever are trying archery, causing marketing experts to take notice. As a result, more companies are incorporating archery into ads and television commercials, often portraying it as a powerful medium that can make everyone feel like warriors.

Archery’s appeal is clear. It attracts participants for hunting, competition, recreation and meditation. Much like yoga, archery requires intense mental discipline. You must relax your psyche and focus long enough to get in sync with your muscles. With your mind and body in harmony, you become aware of every move. And just as yoga requires calm precision and accuracy, archery requires the same disciplines to strike a target.

Let’s look at some companies and how they tie their products to archery:

Secret Deodorant

The commercial for Secret deodorant shows an archery instructor working with children. She watches their every move, which understandably makes her sweat. This ad promotes school-based archery programs, which are increasingly popular across the United States. Archery skills help children sharpen their concentration, which should help them focus better in all classes.

LEGO Friends Adventure Camp

LEGO now offers an Adventure Camp set that includes an archery scene as an attachment. The commercial shows “LEGO Friends” competing in camp activities, including archery and river rafting. It appears LEGO is wise to archery’s growing fascination among younger consumers. This ad encourages girls (and boys) to try archery. It’s portrayed as something totally fun, with the narrator’s vibrant, energetic voice conveying excitement.

The summer Adventure Camp is where LEGO girls compete in various activities. The set’s main item is a “Camp Treehouse,” complete with a waterfall, tire swing, climbing wall and kitchen at its base.

POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful often promotes the health benefits of its pomegranate juice, and this piece subtly includes archery in those benefits. The commercial shows bow-and-arrow-wielding warriors dressed in pomegranate-colored outfits. It appears to associate archery with healthy lifestyles, suggesting viewers include it in their daily regimens.

Milk Life

Milk Life suggests a similar principle in its commercial. The ad shows a woman drawing a bow and arrow made of milk, and hitting a bull’s-eye. The voiceover informs viewers that milk has 8 grams of protein, which provide the strength to be like the woman in the ad and nail that bull’s-eye.


Subaru’s use of archery is more subtle. It’s featured only a few seconds in the commercial when a boy shoots rubber arrows at his family’s car. This ad shows that archery is part of everyday life. It’s something kids continually enjoy, and is as common as an Easy Bake Oven.


Like Subaru, Jeep’s Super Bowl 50 commercial was subtle. It includes a brief clip of a Boy Scout shooting a bow. The clip is spliced among other shots of people experiencing the world. The accompanying song is catchy, and scenic landscapes make everyone yearn for adventure.

Archery requires discipline, concentration and self-confidence – attributes young and old desire. The media are aware of those needs, and answer the call with archery.

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