British Royals Will and Kate
Take Aim at Archery in
Bhutan British Royals Will and Kate Take Aim at Archery in Bhutan

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – aka “William and Kate” – visited the Himalayan nation of Bhutan on Day 4 of their royal tour of Asia. The handsome pair immersed themselves in Bhutanese culture, where the national sport is – you guessed it – archery!

Thousands of spectators lined the open-air archery venue in Thimpu, the capital city. The duke, affectionately knows as “Wills” by the UK public, approached the shooting line first and, according to The Telegraph, took aim at a dinner-plate sized target from 50 yards away.

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Past coverage of the royals confirms the Duchess of Cambridge’s competitive streak. She’s been known to challenge the duke to croquet, polo and even abseiling. So when given the opportunity, “Duchess Katniss,” as Today dubbed her, gleefully approached the shooting line and released an arrow.

Have you ever seen someone so happy? It’s no wonder Bhutan measures the country’s economic success by Gross National Happiness.

Photo Credit: Cathal McNaughton

Photo Credit: Cathal McNaughton

Archery has the power to bring people immense happiness (something Bhutan clearly knows), and thanks to William and Kate, millions of royal fans across the globe got to experience that joy. Amidst the royals’ Bhutanese adventure, both the Today Show and Good Morning America aired videos highlighting the couple’s trip, and archery was a key feature.


UK-based news sources BBC, Daily Mail Online, and The Telegraph also ran image-rich stories, releasing what’s sure to become iconic photographs of the duke and duchess proudly wielding traditional bamboo longbows, which the royal pair kept as souvenirs.

Did William and Kate have perfect form? No. Did they arrow bull’s-eyes? Far from it. But it appears they had a grand time trying. Nobody’s first shot is perfect. And even the pros must practice. But that’s part of the excitement of archery. There’s always something to work on, and something bigger to look forward to.

It starts with an idea, a thought of “that looks fun,” and grows into something more: A desire to pick up a bow, and arrow a target. Maybe you’ll compete one day. Maybe you’ll try bowhunting. Maybe you’ll even be an Olympian. Or maybe you’ll stick with arrowing targets in the backyard. And that’s ok. Even the royals had to start somewhere.

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