“Wonder Woman” Gives
Archery Fans a Reason to
Celebrate “Wonder Woman” Gives Archery Fans a Reason to Celebrate

Superhero fans are amping up for the “Wonder Woman movie premiere in Summer 2017, and early promos hint at cause for excitement from archery fans everywhere. “Meet the bad*** warrior women of Themyscira,” tweeted Entertainment Weekly. The accompanying photo (above) featured Wonder Woman, her mother, and her two military aunts. The bow-wielding warrior? That’s General Antiope, Wonder Woman’s aunt.

The DC Comics character Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, is an Amazonian warrior princess who specializes in kicking tail. She was raised by her mother and her aunts, who were created by Greek gods from the souls of women who died at the hands of men. When her mother and aunt emerged from the Aegean Sea, her mother became Queen Hippolyta and her aunt General Antiope (second in command of the Amazons). Aunt Antiope, played by Robin Wright, seems to specialize in archery, judging by promotional photos. They taught her everything she required for combat. So yeah, Wonder Woman is more than capable.

Archery is a valuable skill for any warrior, of course. So it’s possible we might see Wonder Woman’s aunt teach her how to use a bow and arrow with the mighty force (and all of the flair) of an Amazonian warrior. Those are great skills for anyone to wield, whether they were bestowed by gods or perfected by mortals.

Photo Credit: FanPop.com

Photo Credit: FanPop.com

DC Comics cites Wonder Woman’s first appearance in All-Star Comics #8 as December 1941. The movie will premiere just shy of the 42nd anniversary of the popular “Wonder Woman” television show, with Israeli actress Gal Gadot reprising the role of original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (pictured above). There’s no evidence that Carter’s Wonder Woman possessed archery prowess, but we’re crossing our fingers for Gadot. Archery exposure continues to surge in TV and media, so there’s hope yet!

Gadot recently brought Wonder Woman to life in “Batman vs. Superman.” Although the movie received some less-than-desirable reviews, fans consistently said Gadot’s Wonder Woman role was the movie’s lone highlight.

Gadot was thrust into Wonder Woman’s story by taking on the villain Doomsday in BvS. Gadot told USA Today: “Usually you start at the beginning and you end at the end. I started at the end. In the standalone movie, we’re going to go back in time and tell her coming-of-age story, her history, what motivates her, what drives her, how she became Wonder Woman.” Hopefully the backstory lends itself to some awesome bow-and-arrow action.

The movie’s creators knew casting the role would be tricky, but they couldn’t have been happier with Gadot. The movie’s producer, Deborah Snyder, told Time: “We had to make sure that whoever we were casting would really represent who this character was and be a great role model personally. When we did the tests, all our department heads — the hair and makeup, the stunts —were rooting for her; just the way she carried herself. She really embodies all these things we were looking for.”

Photo Credit: MoviePilot.com

Photo Credit: MoviePilot.com

Gadot is a multi-faceted actress. The Guardian reported: “Before going into acting, she was a model – at 18 she won the Miss Israel contest – and served two years before that as a combat trainer in the Israeli Defence Force. How many Hollywood actresses have earned both a military badge and a tiara?” Well, probably just Gadot.

The “Wonder Woman” movie will be directed by “Monster’s Patty Jenkins. “Patty Jenkins is going to be the first female to direct a studio tent-pole action movie, and I felt like for “Wonder Woman,” how could you not hire a woman?,” Snyder said. “We’re bringing this iconic feminist character to the screen for the first time. It should be from a woman because we need more women behind the camera.”

Wonder Woman is the epitome of a strong, female warrior. After a parade of male-driven superhero movies, “Wonder Woman” will be different, and appeal to both genders. “I think what she stands for — her pillars of truth and of love and of peace, of justice — those things are constant,” Snyder said. “With all the talk about gender equality, this is the right time for her to be coming and taking the spotlight from all the male superheroes.”

And – if movie gods smile down on archery fans – shooting archery just #likeagirl.

See “Wonder Woman” on the big screen in Summer 2017.

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