Disney Dares You to “Dream
Big,” Archery Princess Disney Dares You to “Dream Big,” Archery Princess

Archery princess Merida first hit the Disney scene in 2012, and encouraged audiences to find bravery in their innermost beings. Merida’s back, but this time she wants you to pursue your biggest dreams. Hopefully, they’re dreams to shoot a bow.

Girls young and old dream of being a princess. Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” campaign makes that dream a reality by likening viewers to their favorite princesses. But according to Disney, being a princess isn’t solely glitz and glamour. It’s about pursuing your biggest, wildest dreams.

In true Disney fashion, “Dream Big, Princess” delivers a bold message infused with heartwarming sentiments: “For every girl who dreams big, there’s a princess to show her it’s possible.” Cue: Merida in all her arrow-splitting glory.

Disney’s right. Your biggest archery dreams are possible. Anyone can pick up a bow and try archery. Merida was once a little girl who received a bow and arrow for her birthday. And she grew up to be a top archer and the ruler of her kingdom. Olympic archer Brady Ellison shares a similar story. He was once a little boy with a toy bow and arrow, and now he’s a two-time Olympic medalist aiming for his third medal at the Rio 2016 Games.

We don’t know the background story about the little girl in the video, but we do know this: She’s pursuing a dream. She’s a picture of strength and confidence as she smoothly draws the bowstring to her anchor point, and releases the arrow into the target’s center. Maybe she wants to compete. Or maybe she simply wants to hit bull’s-eyes in her backyard. Your dreams are just that: your dreams. And you never know where your dreams might take you. As Merida says: “Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”

Dare to dream, and dare to achieve, archery princess.


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