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With summer here and everyone heading outdoors, some might be reminiscing about simpler times when they were kids at camp.

Those getaways can still happen. Camp No Counselors describes itself as an “all-inclusive sleepaway camp for adults.” You can spend three nights in a cabin at an actual camp facility, either reliving childhood memories or experiencing summer camp for the first time.

For many adults, that kind of fun is a necessity. Besides, let’s face it: The term “grown-up” is subjective anyway. Although there’s no age limit for playing on water toys, Camp No Counselors has an age requirement. The camp offers an open bar almost 24/7, so you must be 21 to attend. The camp offers Bloody Marys and mimosas during breakfast, beer and wine during lunch, and a full-service bar from happy hour through late night. The bar closes between meals, but you’ll be too busy with fun activities to miss it.

The camp was founded by Adam Tichauer, who wanted a way to gather his friends in one place for fun, worry-free weekends. First, he rented a summer camp facility for their get-together, but the group didn’t stay small for long. Word spread, and soon 90 people were sharing that weekend of fun. Tichauer recognized the opportunity and created a business from it.

Photo Credit: Camp No Counselor

Photo Credit: Camp No Counselors

An average day at Camp No Counselors includes delicious food, a variety of activity options, camp-wide activities, adult beverages, and a themed party each night. Did I mention all those features are included?

One camper gave this testimonial on the CNC webpage: “Camp scratched an itch I didn’t even know I had. It awakened a sleeping giant. It brought back the childlike wonder that I believe is dormant in all of us and is silently waiting to be reborn.”

Among those “childlike wonders” is archery, which is proof it’s not just for the kids’ summer camp. Archery has been a component of summer camps for ages. It’s a sport that’s not only fun, but is good exercise as well, which makes it perfect for growing children (and growing adults). Whether you’re an adult who’s new to archery or an accomplished pro, Camp No Counselors is an excellent place to release your inner archer.

As one attendee shared on Yelp: “There were activities I never thought I’d get to do, like archery (hard at first, but really cool to learn!), and water skiing (no comment).” Those that might not otherwise have access to archery ranges can take advantage of this opportunity to try the sport, and might even find a hidden talent.

Photo Credit: Camp No Counselor website

Photo Credit: Camp No Counselors

About 200 people enjoy the camp each weekend, so you wouldn’t feel singled out to perform at Olympic levels. Everyone is having fun, so nobody is judging your missed shots. Chances are, you’ll be stationed next to somebody at the same skill level. If you’re not, strike up a conversation with someone more advanced than yourself and maybe they’ll give you some valuable pointers.

Whether you go with a friend or alone, you’ll leave with a unique experience that will stay with you long after returning to work. It’s an opportunity to try something new in a relaxed, friendly environment. You might even make a new friend or two – or 30.

In fact, Tichauer is so confident in the camp’s potential for business and pleasure that he brought his company to the “Shark Tank” for an episode that aired in May. This critically acclaimed reality TV show requires guests to pitch their business plan to a team of self-made “sharks,” and try to persuade the sharks to invest in their company. Unfortunately for Tichauer, the sharks circled, mulled his pitch and liked its theory, but ultimately didn’t take his bait. (Note: ICYMI, Shark Week just aired on Discovery Channel).

Their rejection didn’t hurt Tichauer’s confidence. He plans to grow the business on his own. He wrote in a blog post: “Each Shark gave such positive feedback and while we didn’t get the ‘deal,’ we couldn’t be happier with the result and response.” And rightfully so. The Camp keeps selling out.

Camp No Counselors has locations in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Michigan, Nashville, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. In other words, whether you’re burned out at work, looking for new friends, seeking a travel destination, or trying to find your inner child, Camp No Counselors has a retreat for you.

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