10 Olympic Commercials That
Get Us Pumped for Rio
2016 10 Olympic Commercials That Get Us Pumped for Rio 2016

Are you excited that the Rio Olympics start Aug. 5? Of course you are! To feed your passion – and get you pumped for the archery competition – we’ve gathered 10 Olympic commercials to take your excitement and boost it to the level of a Usain Bolt 100-meter dash.

1. Thank You, Mom by Proctor & Gamble (2016)

Every time P&G creates an Olympic commercial about moms, tears flood my eyes. These commercials are warm and fuzzy, and sincerely spotlight what it’s like so see dreams come true. This year’s installment showcases athletes in the face of tragedies, with their mothers encouraging them to be strong even though they’re scared. It reminds us that behind every successful person is a mother who helped them succeed. The tagline reads, “It takes someone strong to make someone strong.” Truer words have never been spoken, P&G.


2. Introducing BP’s Team USA by BP

This commercial features competitors from past Olympic and Paralympic games. Matt Stutzman, the “Armless Archer,” is featured. “I want someone to say, ‘He’s the greatest archer,’ and, ‘Oh, did you know, he does it without arms?’” Lex Gillette, a track-and-field para-athlete who lost his sight, is also featured. The commercial promotes the idea that you can do anything as long as you exert the energy to do it. Their slogan says it all: “Find the energy within.” Keep the party going, and follow the Paralympic games after the Olympics.


3. The Carpool to Rio by Visa

Visa’s commercial shows athletes from around the world traveling to Rio, a lot of them hitching a ride in the same van. The commercial highlights one of the best parts about the Olympics: Athletes from around the world gather every four years for one common goal. Plus, Morgan Freeman narrates the ending. That’s enough of a win right there.


4. One Journey. Two Teams. by United Airlines

United Airlines’ commercial has the same feel as Visa’s. Various athletes gather on a United flight, all of them earning their seat by maximizing their specific talents. Simone Biles performs a balance-beam routine and Missy Franklin takes advantage of complimentary towels.


5. Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 by NBC

Advertising departments are discovering our weakness for cute children. This year’s NBC Olympics commercial features current Olympians’ voices encouraging viewers to keep trying, and reminding them that they can achieve anything. Footage of cute kids participating in various sports reinforces that message.


6. Thank You, Mom by Proctor & Gamble (2014)

P&G’s efforts are so heartwarming they had to be on here twice. The 2014 Sochi P&G commercial features children learning their craft for the first time, with their mothers at their side. The children keep getting injured, and the mothers keep patching them up and encouraging them to push on. The children eventually become Olympians, and thank their mothers “for teaching us that falling only makes us stronger.” These commercials are so sweet they could give us a cavity.


7. Move to the Beat of London 2012 by Coca Cola

This fun commercial from the 2012 London Olympics is filled with music and energetic vibes. It features gymnastics, ping pong and archery, all set to a lively, catchy song.


8. Unlimited Future by Nike

Nike’s new commercial raises cuteness to another level with incredibly adorable babies who play young versions of athletes like Serena Williams and Lebron James. Bobby Cannavale enters their nursery and delivers a pep talk to inspire them to chase their dreams even when life is unfair. Adorable babies are like a royal flush: You can’t lose.


9. Bridgestone DriveGuard Tire Versus U.S. Olympic Archer Khatuna Lorig by Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone advertises the strength of its tires by featuring five-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig shooting arrows into them to prove their durability. We can’t wait to see Team USA’s powerful arrows flying in August.


10. Paralympian by AT&T

This 2014 Sochi Olympic commercial shows Paralympic skier Heath Calhoun getting frustrated on the slopes. He then receives a video message on his phone from his son and relaxes. AT&T imparts warm, enduring family love in a short commercial.

We served these commercials as an appetizer. Now get ready for the main course Aug. 5 when the 2016 Rio Olympics open. And save room for dessert: the Paralympic games Sept. 7.

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