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Contortionist "America's Got Talent" Archery Contortionist

As if arrowing bull’s-eyes isn’t entertaining enough, “America’s Got Talent” contestant Sofie Dossi, 14, kicked it up a notch by adding acrobatic stylings and shooting archery with her feet. But Dossi isn’t the first archer to wield a bow with her feet. Two-time Paralympic archer Matt Stutzman, aka the “Armless Archer,” also uses his feet to hold his bow. In fact, he’s set two Guinness world records and earned a silver medal at the 2012 Paralympics. Amazing feat – or should I say “feet” – indeed.

Stutzman holds his bow with his feet and uses a shoulder aid to draw the bowstring. Dossi, on the other hand, twists, turns and contorts her body atop two small pegs, using her upper body to support herself. From a handstand position, she tips her feet over her head and into a scorpion pose while gripping the recurve bow between her toes. Sound confusing? Watch Dossi stun the judges in the video below.

Dossi’s jaw-dropping performance pushed her through to the Judge Cuts, where the competition heated up. Literally! Dossi descended from the ceiling on an acrobatic ring and took an upside-down handstand position to fire a flaming arrow from her recurve bow. Guest judge Reba McEntire was so impressed that she hit her golden buzzer, sending Dossi straight to the live quarterfinals.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Dossi wowed audiences yet again in the live quarterfinals, dropping down from the ceiling on aerial silk (that’s the technical name for those ribbon-dancer looking things that acrobats swing on), and this time spun around on her wooden pegs and arrowed her target while blindfolded! (Note to self: Never point an arrow at anything other than your target!)

Dossi’s fiery performance propelled her to the semifinals. We’re excited to see what this fearless archer does next, and how far she goes in the competition. Perhaps she’ll set her own world record and earn a chance to meet the original “Armless Archer.”

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Want to see the “Armless Archer” in action? Tune into the Rio Paralympic Games, Sept. 7-18.

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