Five Celebrities We Want to
Challenge to an Archery
Duel Five Celebrities We Want to Challenge to an Archery Duel

Our favorite celebs obviously have lives outside their craft, with varying interests and hobbies, but how many celebs mention archery when asked what they do in their spare time?

We know country music superstars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean (pictured above) enjoy a Great Outdoor Archery Challenge. At least two game-show hosts do, too. They aren’t alone when it comes to public celebrations of archery.

1. Pat Sajak and Vanna White

“Wheel of Fortune” hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White showed off their archery skills while visiting the English countryside recently. A picture posted by the Wheel of Fortune Instagram account showcased Sajak and White shooting recurve bows in a lush green field.

Trading in her heels and glamorous dresses for boots and a winter jacket, Vanna appears to be a study in concentration. She stands with her arm cocked at full draw, ready to let the arrow fly, while Sajak appears to have just shot an arrow. The hosts are shooting long recurves and wearing arm guards to ensure they return to the States with memories, not bruises.

Based on the picture, it looks like Vanna could hang with U.S. Olympic archers Brady Ellison and Mackenzie Brown on the range. If she and Sajak ever leave “Wheel of Fortune,” they would fit in nicely with the archery community.

2. Deshaun Watson

Clemson University’s football Twitter page posted a GIF of quarterback and Heisman trophy candidate Deshaun Watson pantomime-shooting an arrow in celebration during a game. That move follows similar celebrations by Kentucky basketball player Jamal Murray and Dallas Mavericks player Wesley Matthews.

3. Jason Aldean

kickin off the hunting season with my boy @jordysummitt and the rest of the @officialbuckcommander crew.

A photo posted by Jason Aldean (@jasonaldean) on

Country music star Jason Aldean kicked off hunting season with a bowhunt and an Instagram post from the treestand, alongside Jordan Summitt, producer of “Buck Commander.” They look prepped for a day of bowhunting – Aldean with his painted face, and Summitt with his camera poised and ready.

4. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dialing in the new bow

A photo posted by Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@dalejr) on

Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared an Instagram pic of an afternoon archery practice session with his son. He later posted a photo of himself bowhunting, wearing camo and holding his bow. The caption explains that he’s recovering from a head injury, and grateful to return to normal activities, like bowhunting. He’s not the only Earnhardt who enjoys the bow and arrow. His son, Wyatt, dressed as a bowhunter for Halloween, his bow and arrow in hand.

5. Caroline Manzo

Caroline Manzo, former member of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and star of her spinoff “Manzo’d With Children,” tests her archery chops in the show’s Season 3 opener. She shoots a recurve bow in an indoor range, nails the target with a satisfying thwack, and exclaims, “Step back boys, step back!” Katniss and Hawkeye better look out for this one!

There you have it. Whether it’s recreation, celebration or hunting, these celebs honor archery in their own unique styles. They prove archery can be enjoyed in many ways. And whatever your way might be, we hope your arrows always find their target.

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